Toyfare 150 to Feature New DC Universe Classics Two-Packs

DC Universe Classics Batman, Robin, Black Manta, and Aquaman
DC Universe Classics Batman, Robin, Black Manta, and Aquaman

DC Universe Classics fans, be sure to pick up Toyfare #150, on sale this Wednesday.  Two-packs may be a thing of the past on after the Justice in the Jungle 2-pack, but according to a subscriber who received his issue of Toyfare early, Mattel reveals two new 2-packs that will be exclusive to Wal-Mart.  Sorry, folks who can’t stand Wal-mart exclusives!  As you might expect, the two packs will leverage existing figures, with new decos.

One of the two packs will feature Batman and Robin.  Batman will be in his black and gray costume, but with a black bat symbol and a pouched belt.  Robin, still Tim Drake, will be in his red and green costume, but my understanding is that the original Robin figure will be reused entirely – so there will be some elements, like glove spikes and belt pouches, that won’t be correct for the red and green.

The other two pack will feature Aquaman and his nemesis Black Manta.  Folks who missed on Aquaman early on will be glad to get the opportunity to pick one up now, and will get the added bonus of a metallic orange for his scaly shirt.  Black Manta will also have a blue color scheme instead of the black – but he won’t be changing his name to Blue Manta any time soon. 😉

The issue will also have pictures of DCUC variants or costume accessories from waves 12 and 13, including Mary Batson (nee Marvel), the Spectre, Negative Man, and Cyclotron.  I am also looking forward to seeing more of Mattel’s upcoming WWE line.

5 thoughts on “Toyfare 150 to Feature New DC Universe Classics Two-Packs”

  1. The good thing about these being Walmart exclusive is that I won’t feel like I’m missing anything if I can’t find/get them, except aybe Aquaman. I never got that figure from earlier. Was Black Manta ever portrayed as blue?

  2. I would want the repainted Robin for my Teen Titans display as the red suit doesn’t fit to my liking. I’d like to have the Aquaman too since I only have the ocean warrior one and I’m thinking about using it for a custom project.

  3. I had heard some of this information before, not with those specific details good to know now its true.

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