Hasbro 6-Inch Spider-Man Classics Available at ToysRUs.com

With Hasbro making the switch to 3.75-inches for its Marvel action figures, a lot of people have wondered if the 6-inch Spider-Man figures Hasbro showed at San Diego Comic-Con would make it to retail.  While I haven’t seen these in store, I did notice that the new Spidey figures, including the comic-styled 6-inch Green Goblin, are available online at ToysRUs.com.

Happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “Hasbro 6-Inch Spider-Man Classics Available at ToysRUs.com”

  1. I’ve seen them in stores, and I’ve even considered picking up the red and blue one, since I don’t have a good looking, articulated red and blue Spidey in the 6″ scale. I’ll just toss the snap-on pieces aside. 🙂

  2. Walmart,Kmart, and Target have had these by the bundles lately. I’ve seen all but Carnage….of course. But I love the Venom from this series, though he has the scorpion tail.

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