Marvel Select Cyclops with Danger Room Base Press Pics

I hope that the Danger Room base that is coming with the Marvel Select Cyclops (and the follow-on bases that Diamond Select Toys keeps teasing) proves out the concept that connecting bases would be a great pack-in for an action figure line.  Just don’t call it Build-A-Diorama.

Marvel Select Cyclops Update!

By now you should have seen the upcoming Marvel Select Cyclops figure and his amazing Danger Room base, but as always this Marvel Select release has more than meets the eye!  While the traditional Silver Age Cyclops will be the most readily available version (the recently released Silver Age Marvel Girl is glad to hear that!) – there will also be an alternate X-Factor Cyclops included in each case (that makes 4 Silver Age Cyclops and 2 X-Factor Cyclops).

The only way to get your grubby little X-paws on the variant Cyclops is to purchase a full case through Previews though, so make sure your retailer of choice knows that they need to add this figure to their order form.

via Art Asylum Blog » Marvel Select Cyclops Update!