Iron Man 2 4-Inch Line – Mark VI and War Machine Armors


A few days ago, we looked at the Iron Man armors from the first movie, and as promised then, here are a few looks at some of the new armors from the sequel, the Mark VI and the long awaited War Machine! Do they stack up to the hype? You tell me.

Mark VI


An update of the Mark III and Mark IV, we now get the triangular arc reactor on the chest as well as different shoulder pads, which allow for much better movement compared to the Mark III shoulder pads, which tend to pop off. Like some of the other figures in this line, you will need to pick through a few to find a decent paint job. Even mine has a few sloppy applications.

War Machine


After much anticipation, we have movie War Machine, mostly agreed upon by fans to be the best figure, if not the most sought after, of this line. He has the same hinged shoulder pads as the comic version, but a much bulkier body and much more detail. The gun configuration pictured is what I believe is accurate to the movie. There is also a variant with blue eyes and arc reactor, as well as a light wash of silver over the dark parts.

I will agree with the majority, this is the best of the line so far, and that is saying alot, because this line has been amazing so far!


2 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 4-Inch Line – Mark VI and War Machine Armors”

  1. I hate Marvel for coming up with such a good line. I like every normal person in the world, I loved the first movie, and I am anticipating the second. I thought I would pick up a few of the figures. They are so nice looking that I am actively seeking all that are out right now. I cannot figure out how they are coming out though. They put out the first numbers in the line, and the last. The middle numbers (which seems to be 26 total figures) have not come out yet. I am guessing that they are going to be the human forms, Tony, Pepper, Whiplash, etc. Really, I only know that they are coming out with Whiplash. The rest I am guessing on. I really do like the line so far, and 3 3/4 in figures that are quite a bit less expensive than other Marvel 3 3/4 figures out right now. I would get other stuff too, but the price on these is right.

  2. I picked up the movie war machine today, and he is one of my favorite 3.75″ figure I have right now. Actually, I picked up several Iron Man 2 figures over the last two days, and if I had to rank all of my 3.75″ figures I bet at least three of these would be in the top ten. Hasbro is really impressing me, after completely disappointing me with their new Spider-man figure.

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