First Look – Ghostbusters Walter Peck –

I’m psyched for people that want Walter Peck for their Ghostbusters collections. Personally, if I pick him up, it will be more for the outstanding accessory – the wall and containment unit with working hatch. For those of you who didn’t pick up Winston Zeddemore, Peck will also come with a non-opening, non-corded ghost trap.

So, that is the plastic realization of the perfect movie scumbag. I can’t freakin’ wait to get Venkman so I can pose these two together. Even now, despite that I am a total face-forward vanilla action figure poser, I am tempted to pose my Spengler figure trying to throw a choke hold on Peck. Any guy that can elicit that strong of a reaction out of Egon is certifiably butt-headed in my book. “Your mother!” Awesome.

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