HeroClix Batman and Catwoman with Bat Signal Redemption

I haven’t dipped my toes into HeroClix, but keep getting tempted when I think about some of the giant figures I have. My DC Universe Classics Giganta could use some Heroclix to beat up on. Bats and Catwoman here are a special offer figure. Since they’ll be limited in quantity, you’ll want to secure yours soon after the offer goes live at 1PM EST today.

Seeking Redemption

With The Brave and The Bold release right around the corner, I wanted to let you know how we are going to handle the mail away redemption for the Batman and Catwoman brick figure.

Tomorrow at about 1:00 pm EST well kick live  www.wizkidsgames.com/buyitbythebrick and you’ll find the forms you’ll need to complete the redemption process.

The process is very similar to previous redemptions except for the following:

  1. The redemption form will be hosted on our website
  2. We’ve made the redemption form an editable PDF.  No more messy handwriting!
  3. All redemption forms & payments will be mailed to Alliance games in Fort Wayne, Indiana U.S.A. (keep reading)
  4. European redemptions will be shipped from a UK distribution center
  5. All other territories will be shipped out of the US distribution center
  6. International payment options will be honored here in the U.S.

In order to ensure that international redemptions are on a level playing field with domestic orders, we’ll reserve a percentage of the brick figures for international redemptions only.  We’ll inventory balance as necessary and make sure all territories are treated in a fair manner.

In the event that we run out of numbered brick figures before the program expiration (July 16, 2010), we’ll announce the sell out and make a, time limited, last call for The Brave and The Bold redemptions.  All redemptions gathered during the “last call period” will be processed and we’ll reprint unnumbered versions of the Brick figures.

via Seeking Redemption.