threeA Toys WWRp Armstrongs On Sale April 23

Mattel isn’t the only company with an online sale this week. 3A Toys is adding to its 1/12th scale World War Robot roster with the Armstrongs, available to pre-order in either 4- or 8-packs.

Talyn and I didn’t start collecting WWRp until recently, but now we’re hooked. If you aren’t familiar with this line of toys, check out our World War Robot reviews for more pics.

To remind you, WWRp Armstrongs will be on sale at on 23rd of April, 9-00 AM Hong-Kong time, that is 4 days and 18 hours from now, you can check the countdown for your timezone at [edit – link removed because the countdown timer is throwing a malware warning]

There will be two packs offered – 4pack and 8pack, prices – 160$ and 280$ with shipping included (in both cases). If you haven’t bought anything from Bambalandstore yet, I suggest you to register an account there right now, to save time during checkout and Bambalandstore accepts only Paypal, no credit cards!

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