Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong): ThreeA Toys Booth Pics

3A Toys at Toy Soul 2014 (Hong Kong) 10

While we’re talking about 3A Toys, they recently shared pics of the 3A Toys booth at Toy Soul show in Hong Kong. I’ve reposted a few here, including their upcoming 1/12 scale Judge Death. It’s interesting that 2000 A.D. has a couple concurrent licensing deals. In addition to 3A, Mezco showed off their 1/12 scale Judge Dredd at NYCC. It’ll be interesting to see how much overlap there’ll be between the two licensees, both of whose figures I love.

All I can say is that neither company is making these figures fast enough for my liking, although the 3A Toys Judge Death does go up for pre-order next week. While it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if it’s a must-buy for me – I’m still plenty pleased with the Judge Death we got a few years ago in Legendary Comic Book Heroes from Marvel Toys (Toy Biz).

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ThreeA Toys WWR SOTF Civic Dropcloths and Rothchild Field Mechanics Up for Pre-Order Today

3A Toys furthers the World War Robot story line with two 1/6 scale SOTF figures – one is an update to the Dropcloth with 6 colorways, and the other is a new field mechanic with 3 colorways. The figures maintain the level of articulation and detail we expect from 3A, but feature a cleaner aesthetic perhaps indicative that the next stage of robot/human warfare has moved out of the trenches and is more surgical and precise. Of course, I have no idea what SOTF stands for, so I’m just going by what I see here. I’ve also included some pics of the Mule and Bertie bots (not on sale today) in the Civic Defense colorway.

The Dropcloth 1.5 figures go for $160 individually. There’s a commander and 5 versions of the guard, packed randomly. You can also get all six for $860 in the six-pack. The mechanics go for $140 each, and the desert colorway is a 3AA exclusive. You can pre-order them at Bambaland, 3A’s online store.

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ThreeA Toys Channels MEGO with New 3AGO Figures

ThreeA Toys has got an army of MEGO-inspired humanoids available for pre-order at Bambaland. For fans who missed out on earlier 1/6 and 1/12 scale releases, 3AGO has included some of the mainstays from the World War Robot and Tomorrow King universes in a new 8-inch format. The MEGO proportions really complement these figures, and at $45 a pop, they’re priced like their smaller 1/12 scale counterparts.

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ThreeA Toys WWRp JEA Meat is Murder Set Up For Pre-Order Today

3A Toys is releasing the extremely popular Meat is Murder set from the World War Robot line, this time in 1/12 Portable scale. The pre-order opens up this evening at 6PM PST, with two sets available at Bambaland (but be prepared for surprise drops). The regular set includes an impressive five figures –  a Grunt, 2 Squares, a Dropcloth, and an Armstrong – all in the JEA Marine MiM colorway, for $160. The second set is exclusive to 3AA members and adds a Harold for $200 total – but remember 3AA members get a 15% discount.

Speaking of Harolds, I’ve got a 1/6 scale JEA Marine Harold up on eBay right now – the thing is massive, so I’ve opted to just keep the 1/12 version for my collection. Thanks for looking!

WWRp (1/12th scale) JEA MIM set pre-order opens on March 14th at Bambalandstore and as mentioned previously, it’s 160USD shipped (prior to 3AA discount).

We will be offering 3AA exclusive JEA MIM deluxe set as well, it will feature Harold MIM and will be 200USD shipped.

via 3aVOX – Timeline Photos.

ThreeA Toys WWR EVOL Launches with Marquis de Plume Pre-Order Today

ThreeA Toys WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume 01

The second phase of 3A Toys’ World War Robot franchise begins today, with the pre-order of the WWR EVOL Marquis de Plume. For the time-zone challenged, that takes place on Bambaland starting at 8PM EST today. The Marquis de Plume will cost $130 (includes shipping), and 3AA members will be able to pre-order an exclusive set with a Prey Box for $15 more. No official pics yet of the Prey Box, but 3A says it will be different from the one shipped as a bonus in 2013’s 3AA membership kit to folks who’ve been members since its inception.

3A will also have two Marquis de Plume t-shirts available. Price has not been revealed, but they’re typically priced like the ones you get at rock concerts – in other words, get ready to empty your wallets. As Eminem rapped – love is evil (spell it backwards). Profound.

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