Wal-Mart Exclusive 6-Inch Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine

J Hernandez from the Fwoosh helps us continue AFP Iron Mania with a review of the Wal-Mart Exclusive 6-inch Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine.

Iron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - War Machine and Iron Man - closeup.jpg

Here we have Wal-Mart’s exclusive 6″ scale Iron Man 2 figures (Mark VI and War Machine.) At first glance, they’re definitely some swanky looking figures and by far a vast improvement upon the Iron Man figures Hasbro delivered to us in 2008.

Like most Hasbro Marvel Legends these are in a true 6″ scale. They fit in more w/Hasbro’s Marvel Legend buck bodies, but they will be towered over a bit with old school Toy Biz Legends.

In hand, these things are sturdy. One of the problems with Hasbro’s initial Iron Man figures in 2008 was that they were just too scrawny. These things have some bulk. I mean, they realistically are built to look like a dude in a suit of heavy, iron armor, whereas 2008’s looked like a literal “Iron Man.”

Iron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - War Maching and Iron Man.JPGIron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - War Machine closeup.jpgIron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - Iron Man with Marvel Legends.JPGIron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - Iron Man with DC Universe Classics Green Lantern.jpgIron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - Ninja War Machine.jpg

Also, one has to appreciate the addition of extra hands (something Hasbro generously began w/their Marvel Legends 2 Packs this past year.) In addition, the MkVI comes with one of those little missile/energy launchers the 2008 versions came with while War Machine comes with his signature weaponry that snaps easily onto his back.

I think my only complaint w/these figure(s) is the color choices for the Mark VI. I could do w/alot more flat and a lot let gloss. Kind of cheapens the look of the figure a little bit, but this is just my opinion and I must add I’m reeeeeeeally being pretty nit-picky about it. The look of the arc reactor also leaves a little bit to be desired as well. Kind of looks a bit like a decal, but, again, just being nit-picky, here.

Iron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - Iron Man with Nightcrawler.jpgIron Man 2 6-Inch Exclusives - War Machine with Elektra.JPG

Overall, for $13 a piece I’d say they’re well worth it. Some may say it’s a bit much to pay for a 6″ figure, but with what we’ve paid in price in the past for DCUC and the past few waves of Marvel Legends these aren’t to far off from the mark. Again, these are only an exclusive to Wal-Mart stores and so far they’ve been found in Vancouver and the Southeastern part of the United States.

4 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Exclusive 6-Inch Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine”

  1. I don’t know how representative this is, since I don’t have a Wal-Mart within 45 minutes from where I live, but Buzzy just hit a Wal-Mart and found a fresh case of these… and picked up a Mark VI for me! woo woo! 😀

  2. Not too fdifficult. They are coming in sets it looks like.
    Currently Indiana has the Mark V (foldable suit in the suitcase from the movie).
    My favorite is the Mark IV varient showing Tony Stark’s (RD Jr) face with sunglasses. It’s the best liking of RD Jr to date!

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