C2E2 2010 – Propworx Iron Man Movie Prop Auction


A couple of weeks ago, Chicago had its premier Comic & Entertainment Expo, C2E2, which included an amazing chance to see up close and personal, props from the first Iron Man film. Organized and sold by Propworx, the auction included hero props such as a large Iron Monger torso and Tony Stark’s Mk1 and Mk2 Arc Reactor, as well as extra and stunt props for sale.


The Iron Monger torso went for an amazing $19,000 to one lucky bidder. Bids were coming in from the floor as well as online all morning.


Surprisingly, some very iconic props from the film such as the MK1 mask and some Mk1 mask templates went for very low prices, some as low as $300-400.  An internet issue caused the auction to be cut short and finished on April 25th, which mostly included stunt missiles and hero clothing.


It was truly an amazing experience to stand mere inches away from film history and admire the hard work that went into all the pieces made for this film that went on to be recreated in so many plastic replications as the small action figures we all love.

Thanks to the staff at Propworx for allowing us to get these closeup exclusive photos.

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