NECA Predators Teaser Pic

Alright – silhouettes of figures may be frustrating, but I’m looking forward to seeing NECA’s take on Predators. Is it too much to hope for super-articulation? I’m guessing it probably is.

New Predators!

A glimpse at the newest and meanest hunters in the galaxy!

Today we at NECA are thrilled to show the first preview of our first line of figures based on the new Predators movie. We can’t show you the faces of these beauties yet, but you can check out the silhouettes of the Classic Predator, Falconer Predator and Berzerker Predator.

More details coming soon. Predators opens July 9, 2010, and our first series of action figures hits shelves the same month.

via || National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc..

4 thoughts on “NECA Predators Teaser Pic”

  1. Looking more forward to what they end up doing with Hot Toys 12″ line for this movie. Here’s hoping we get brand new, unique designs or better updates of older Predators.

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