Heroclix Jonah Hex Press Pics

It’s nice to see Jonah Hex finally getting his due. Here’s some pics of upcoming Hex Heroclix (that’s got a nice ring to it), expected in August, to accompany the movie. Jonah Hex opens in a couple of weeks, on June 18.

The rumors are true!  Megan Fox Jonah Hex is finally coming to the HeroClix with the DC HeroClix Jonah Hex Battle Pack. The movie themed Battle Pack contains three brand new, figures: Jonah Hex, Lilah, and Turnbull!  The 3 fig Battle Pack is 100% HeroClix compatible and will be available mid-August.  Check your local game or comic store this fall.

BTW – These are actual production pieces (off the line).  I think they are some of the best eyes we’ve done to date.  Let me know what you think.

via Jonah Hex coming to HeroClix in 2010 : Heroclix.com – Wizkids/NECA, Inc.