Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight SCUD the Disposable Assassin


Ah the 90’s, back when animation was king and comic books were still geeky. Well, here is a piece of the 90’s kickin it old school style with a new release!



Shocker Toys recently released the long awaited Indie Spotlight Series 1 to retail stores around the country. With this release, we see the first wide availability of SCUD, the 90’s Disposable Assassin Robot who defied his programming. He also comes packed with extra hands and an Isz from fellow 90’s comic star, The Maxx.


The shear amount of poseability in this figure is just amazing. Nearly every joint is a ball joint, and all work extremely well. No joint is loose, allowing this guy some crazy balance in holding those awesome action poses the character is known for.


The paint detail is very simple, but again amazing, from the super tiny label on his back, to the hardly noticable dark shadow spray along the entire figure. Every joint is removable, which makes having a blown-up Scud very easy.  I look forward to finding The Maxx figure from this wave, and Series 2’s star, The Tick!


6 thoughts on “Shocker Toys Indie Spotlight SCUD the Disposable Assassin”

  1. I got the full set back in April and I can tell you that as I live in the UK that was no mean feat! I was blown away by all of the figures and Scud has got to be right up there with my best figures of all time. If you get chance to pick these up you really should, the Maxx is amazing!!!!

  2. I finally saw these at my local TRU last week, but at $16.99 each, I had to pass. However, the Shocker Toys website had several of these “clearanced” at $15 with shipping included. I ordered Kabuki and hope to review her later this week.

  3. If you have a Hastings near you they have these on sale for $12.99 each, and you could get Maxx for under $15.00

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