Geoff Beckett of GBJR Toys Wants You to Save Indie Spotlight – Should You?

An old proverb suggests that “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” Geoff Beckett of GBJR Toys has certainly taken that to heart. He’s now on his third effort to utilize crowd funding to bring toys to the market. The current campaign to “Save Indie Spotlight” is on GoFundMe with a target of $20K, to be used to “produce a new run of the Series2 Indie Spotlight action figure line.” If the campaign hits $30K, Beckett says he will produce an exclusive online campaign version of the Maxx as one of the campaign rewards. The campaign has been open for over 3 weeks, and in that time it’s managed to raise over $700.

The current line-up for Indie Spotlight Series 2 consists of two versions of Dick Tracy, the Tick, Ignacia from Wildguard, and King Zombie from Deadworld. It omits Jack Staff, who was originally shown in with this line-up back in 2009. The Weird World of Jack Staff Facebook page, which has creator Paul Grist as the contact, claims that the GBJR / Shocker Toys license for Jack Staff expired a few years ago.

Beckett’s two previous crowd funding campaigns from earlier this year did not meet their funding goals. The first campaign was for a line extension of DIY Plush Mallows. It was promoted on Kickstarter this past September, but missed its $9,850 target, raising only $583. The second campaign was taken down prematurely by Indiegogo. GBJR Toys claimed on its Facebook page that it was a victim of malicious lies from multiple sites, including (full disclosure: I am part of the staff at the Fwoosh).

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Shocker Toys Tick Review – MTV Geek

MTV Geek has a good review of the Tick and Mucus Tick exclusive from Shocker Toys. Click through for the full review and more pics.

Hide your eyes from that blinding Blue Light-Special of Justice, known as the Tick! Yes, Shocker Toys has once again brought the Hero of Heroes into our homes once more in action figure from. He has recently been released in the 2nd series of Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes figures, and we managed to snag the man himself AND his Mucus-made clone (an Idle Hands Blog-Exclusive) during our trip to Toy Fair. Are you guys ready for a review?! Hell yes, you are! First, let’s meet the arch-enemies:

The Tick is the metaphor-spewing brainchild of Ben Edlund and is the main character in a series of comic books, animated, and live action TV series. He protects The City and all its inhabitants from evil forces of all kinds. His thirst for justice is unquenchable and his hunger to defeat evil is best served with his intimidating battle cry of “SPOOOOONNNN!”

Mucus Tick, on the other hand, is made of snot. Of course, as we all know, boogers are inherently evil and so is this doppelganger. Aliens created this monstrosity from the Tick’s old tissues. Hey, don’t get any wise ideas! These tissues were used by the Tick to blow his nose while under the attack of a nefarious cold! Anyway, Mucus Tick is nigh-unstoppable thanks to his gelatinous shape-changing abilities along with all of the Tick’s strength!

San Diego Comic-Con 2010 – the Complete Picture Gallery Guide

So we’ve been back from Comic-Con for a week, and boy do we have tons of pics to share with you all! To help you guys and gals navigate our galleries, we’ve prepared a summary with links to make browsing easier! Here we go!

First off, you can find the San Diego Comic-Con gallery under Events in our Galleries section. Click on 2010 San Diego Comic-Con and you’ll see all the different galleries for each company and a couple of non-toy galleries too.

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