G.I. Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers – August Press Pics

Hasbro has shared a ton of pictures (293 of them!) of upcoming products across its boys toys lines – GI Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers were all represented this time around. We’ll start with GI Joe, which have continued to impress us since their San Diego Comic-Con showing with figures of Beachhead and Alley Viper that Sandman picked up at retail recently.

G.I. Joe

Pursuit of Cobra Figures

POC Destro (1200x748).jpgPOC Destro Packaging (630x900).jpgPOC Dusty (789x900).jpgPOC Dusty Packaging (630x900).jpgPOC Jungle-Viper (960x900).jpgPOC Jungle-Viper Packaging (630x900).jpgPOC Recondo (897x900).jpgPOC Recondo Packaging (630x900).jpgPOC Snake Eyes (1069x900).jpgPOC Snake Eyes Packaging (630x900).jpgPOC Zartan (1066x900).jpgPOC Zartan Packaging (630x900).jpg

Pursuit of Cobra Vehicles

POC AWE Striker (1200x757).jpgPOC AWE Striker Packaging (1200x802).jpgPOC Cobra Deviant (873x900).jpgPOC Cobra Deviant Packaging (1103x900).jpgPOC Cobra Fury (1200x670).jpgPOC Cobra Fury Packaging (1200x838).jpgPOC Cobra HISS Tank (1200x816).jpgPOC Cobra HISS Tank Packaging (1200x842).jpgPOC Cobra Ice Cutter (1200x788).jpgPOC Cobra Ice Cutter Packaging (1200x797).jpgPOC Doom Cycle (1200x700).jpgPOC Doom Cycle Packaging (1200x787).jpgPOC Ghost Hawk (1200x633).jpgPOC Ghost Hawk Packaging (1200x785).jpgPOC Steel Marauder (1200x805).jpgPOC Steel Marauder Packaging (1124x900).jpgPOC VAMP (1200x736).jpgPOC VAMP Packaging (1200x837).jpgPOC Wolf Hound (1200x606).jpgPOC Wolf Hound Packaging (1200x842).jpg


Marvel Universe

MVL Iron Patriot (858x900).jpgMVL Iron Patriot Packaging (614x900).jpgMVL Marvel's Wrecker (654x900).jpgMVL Marvel's Wrecker Packaging (614x900).jpgMVL Mary Jane Watson (795x900).jpgMVL Mary Jane Watson Packaging (614x900).jpgMVL Skrull Soldier (846x900).jpgMVL Skrull Soldier Packaging (610x900).jpgMVL Winter Soldier (796x900).jpgMVL Winter Soldier Packaging (614x900).jpgMVL iron Spider-Man (612x900).jpgMVL Iron Spider-Man Packaging (617x900).jpgMVL Constrictor Packaging (614x900).jpgMVL Iron Man 2020 Packaging (616x900).jpgMVL Marvel's Dark Hawkeye (616x900).jpgMVL Thanos (597x900).jpgMVL Yellow Jacket w_ Ant Man Packaging (616x900).jpg

Super Hero Squad

MVH SHS Headquarters (1200x763).jpgMVH SHS Headquarters 2 (1200x566).jpgMVH SHS Headquarters Packaging (1032x900).jpgMVL SHS Captain Marvel Thanos Packaging (919x900).jpgMVL SHS Green Goblin S-M (1200x688).jpgMVL SHS Green Goblin S-M Packaging (911x900).jpgMVL SHS Hover Car (1200x537).jpgMVL SHS Hover Car Packaging (1179x900).jpgMVL SHS Iron Fist Black S-M (1200x681).jpgMVL SHS Iron Fist Black S-M Packaging (911x900).jpgMVL SHS Iron Man Dr. Strange Packaging (916x900).jpgMVL SHS Rhino Spider-Armor S-M  (1200x659).jpgMVL SHS Rhino Spider-Armor S-M Packaging (930x900).jpgMVL SHS Super Hero Flacon Hulk Packaging (930x900).jpg

Star Wars

Clone Wars

SW GBG Anakin Skywalker (586x900).jpgSW GBG Asajj Ventress (581x900).jpgSW GBG Ashoka (577x900).jpgSW GBG Battle Droid (581x900).jpgSW GBG Cad Bane (579x900).jpgSW GBG Captain Rex (586x900).jpgSW GBG Captain Rex 2 (577x900).jpgSW GBG Clone Commander Cody (586x900).jpgSW GBG Commander Gree (578x900).jpgSW GBG Commander Gree 2 (588x900).jpgSW GBG Commander Gree Figure (961x900).jpgSW GBG Count Dooku (586x900).jpgSW GBG Nikto Guard (581x900).jpgSW GBG Obi-Wan Kenobi (586x900).jpgSW GBG Odd Ball (583x900).jpgSW GBG R2-D2 (594x900).jpgSW GBG Super Battle Droid (577x900).jpgSW GBG Yoda (586x900).jpgSW GBGB Droid Destroyer (586x900).jpg

Clone Wars Vehicles

SW AAT (1068x900).jpgSW AT-AP (1074x900).jpgSW GBG Mandalorian Speeder (1200x727).jpgSW GBG Mandalorian Speeder Packaging (1137x900).jpgSW GBG Naboo Star Skiff (1200x748).jpgSW GBG Naboo Star Skiff Packaging (1117x900).jpgSW GBG Pirate Speeder Bike (1200x590).jpgSW GBG Pirate Speeder Bike Packaging (1117x900).jpgSW GBG Speeder Bike (1200x562).jpgSW GBG Speeder Bike Packaging (1117x900).jpgSW Jedi Starfighter (1200x741).jpgSW Jedi Starfighter Packaging (1073x900).jpgSW Republic Swamp Speeder Packaging (1068x900).jpgSW V-19 Torrent Starfighter (1000x900).jpgSW V-19 Torrent Starfighter Packaging (1069x900).jpgSW Xanadu Blood (1200x547).jpgSW Xanadu Blood Packaging (1069x900).jpg

Force Battlers

SW Force Battlers General Grievous (965x900).jpgSW Force Battlers General Grievous Packaging (632x900).jpg

Galactic Heroes

SW Anakin Skywalker Arf Trooper (1200x614).jpgSW Anakin Skywalker Arf Trooper Packaging (897x900).jpgSW Anakin Skywalker Stap (1200x674).jpgSW Anakin Skywalker Stap Packaging (897x900).jpgSW GH Anakin Skywalker Clone Trooper (1200x511).jpgSW GH Anakin Skywalker Clone Trooper Packaging (911x900).jpgSW GH Ashoka Anakin Skywalker (1118x900).jpgSW GH Ashoka Anakin Skywalker Packaging (897x900).jpgSW GH Cad Bane Aurra Sing (1200x543).jpgSW GH Cad Bane Aurra Sing Packaging (918x900).jpgSW GH Commando Droid Count Dooku Packaging (903x900).jpgSW GH Fixer Boss (1200x490).jpgSW GH Fixer Boss Packaging (909x900).jpgSW GH Kit Fisto General Grievous (1200x642).jpgSW GH Kit Fisto General Grievous Packaging (901x900).jpgSW GH Luke Skywalker Darth Vader (1200x444).jpgSW GH Luke Skywalker Darth Vader Packaging (908x900).jpgSW GH Luke Skywalker Speeder Bike  (1200x513).jpgSW GH Luke Skywalker Speeder Bike Packaging (897x900).jpgSW GH Mandalorian Warrior Pre Vizsla  (1200x584).jpgSW GH Mandalorian Warrior Pre Vizsla Packaging (903x900).jpgSW GH Obi-Wan Kenobi Commander Fil (1200x485).jpgSW GH Padme Amidala Clone Trooper (1200x436).jpgSW GH Padme Amidala Clone Trooper Packaging (899x900).jpgSW GH Senator Palpatine Darth Vader Packaging (911x900).jpgSW Obi-Wan Kenobi Commander Fil Packaging (897x900).jpgSW Obi-Wan Kenobi Darth Maul Packaging (903x900).jpgSW Super Battle Droid Clone Trooper (1200x512).jpgSW Super Battle Droid Clone Trooper Packaging (897x900).jpgSW GH AT-AT Packaging (1135x900).jpg

Light Sabers

SW CW Anakin Lightsaber (1200x233).jpgSW CW Obi-Wan Lightsaber (1200x231).jpgSW CW Vader Lightsaber (1200x231).jpgSW CW Yoda Lightsaber (1200x232).jpg

Speed Stars

SW Anakin's Jedi Starfighter (1200x349).jpgSW Anakin's Jedi Starfighter Packaging (425x900).jpgSW Assault on General Grievous (1113x900).jpgSW Assault on General Grievous Packaging (1059x900).jpgSW CW Slave 1 (1200x435).jpgSW CW Slave 1 Packaging (578x900).jpgSW General Grievous' Starfighter (1200x374).jpgSW General Grievous' Starfighter Packaging (425x900).jpgSW Hyperspace Challenge (1134x900).jpgSW Hyperspace Challenge Packaging (1068x900).jpgSW Magnaguard Fighter (1200x366).jpgSW Magnaguard Fighter Packaging (418x900).jpgSW Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter  (1200x404).jpgSW Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter Packaging (425x900).jpgSW Republic Gunship (1200x356).jpgSW Republic Gunship Packaging (425x900).jpgSW Y-Wing Bomber (1200x376).jpgSW Y-Wing Bomber Packaging (425x900).jpg



TF Activators Ironhide Packaging (422x900).jpgTF Activators Ironhide Robot (776x900).jpgTF Activators Ironhide Vehicle (1200x816).jpgTF Activators Megatron Packaging (441x900).jpgTF Activators Optimus Prime Packaging (443x900).jpgTF Activators Starscream Packaging (434x900).jpgTF Activators Starscream Robot (851x900).jpgTF Activators Starscream Vehicle (1200x736).jpg

Battle Blades

TF Battle Blade Bumblebee Packaging (557x900).jpgTF Battle Blades Optimus Prime Packaging (755x900).jpgTF Battle Blades Optimus Prime Robot (822x900).jpgTF Battle Blades Optimus Prime Vehicle (1200x710).jpg


TF Blur Packaging (566x900).jpgTF Blur Robot (1200x884).jpgTF Blur Vehicle (1200x731).jpgTF Cybertronian Megatron Packaging (566x900).jpgTF Cybertronian Megatron Robot (951x900).jpgTF Cybertronian Megatron Vehicle (1200x653).jpgTF Cybertronian Soundwave Packaging (555x900).jpgTF Cybertronian Soundwave Robot (876x900).jpgTF Cybertronian Soundwave Vehicle (1200x741).jpgTF Cybertroninan Bumblebee Packaging (551x900).jpgTF Cybertroninan Bumblebee Robot (932x900).jpgTF Cybertroninan Bumblebee Vehicle (1200x767).jpgTF Cybertroninan Optimus Prime Packaging (551x900).jpgTF Cybertroninan Optimus Prime Robot (1100x900).jpgTF Cybertroninan Optimus Prime Vehicle (1135x900).jpgTF Darkmount Packaging (562x900).jpgTF Darkmount Robot (914x900).jpgTF Darkmount Vehicle (1200x699).jpgTF Dirge Packaging (566x900).jpgTF Dirge Robot (988x900).jpgTF Dirge Vehicle (1200x739).jpgTF Red Alert Packaging (550x900).jpgTF Red Alert Robot (939x900).jpgTF Red Alert Vehicle (1200x639).jpg

Hunt for the Decepticons

TF Axor Packaging (567x900).jpgTF Axor Robot (836x900).jpgTF Axor Vehicle (1200x681).jpgTF Breacher Packaging (601x900).jpgTF Breacher Robot (948x900).jpgTF Breacher Vehicle (1200x821).jpgTF Bumblebee Track Set (1200x693).jpgTF Bumblebee Track Set Packaging (1200x851).jpgTF Constructicon Devestator Packaging (866x900).jpgTF Constructicon Devestator Robot (1123x900).jpgTF Constructicon Devestator Robots (1200x659).jpgTF Constructicon Devestator Vehicles (1200x497).jpgTF Decepticon Banzaitron Packaging (755x900).jpgTF Decepticon Banzaitron Robot (845x900).jpgTF Decepticon Banzaitron Vehicle (1200x566).jpgTF Duststorm Packaging (551x900).jpgTF Duststorm Robot (886x900).jpgTF Duststorm Vehicle (1200x825).jpgTF Electrostatic Jolt Packaging (558x900).jpgTF Electrostatic Jolt Robot (845x900).jpgTF Electrostatic Jolt Vehicle (1200x691).jpgTF Elita-1 Packaging (562x900).jpgTF Elita-1 Robot (706x900).jpgTF Elita-1 Vehicle (1200x482).jpgTF Firetrap Packaging (590x900).jpgTF Hailstorm Packaging (554x900).jpgTF Hailstorm Robot (804x900).jpgTF Hailstorm Vehicle (1198x900).jpgTF Highbrown Packaging (744x900).jpgTF Highbrown Robot (916x900).jpgTF Highbrown Vehicle (1200x826).jpgTF Insecticon Insect (1145x900).jpgTF Insecticon Packaging (601x900).jpgTF Insecticon Robot (986x900).jpgTF Ironhide Packaging (557x900).jpgTF Jetblade Packaging (557x900).jpgTF Oil Pan Packaging (601x900).jpgTF Oil Pan Robot (816x900).jpgTF Oil Pan Vehicle (1200x782).jpgTF Payload Packaging (758x900).jpgTF Payload Robot (1038x900).jpgTF Payload Vehicle (1200x876).jpgTF Rescue Ratchet Packaging (558x900).jpgTF Rescue Ratchet Robot (1020x900).jpgTF Rescue Ratchet Vehicle (1109x900).jpgTF Sea Attack Ravage Packaging (557x900).jpgTF Sunspot Packaging (600x900).jpgTF Terradive Packaging (558x900).jpgTF Terradive Robot (1106x900).jpgTF Terradive Vehicle (1200x834).jpgTF The Fallen Packaging (744x900).jpgTF The Fallen Robot (851x900).jpgTF The Fallen Vehicle (1200x712).jpgTF The Ravage Infiltration 1 (1200x350).jpgTF The Ravage Infiltration 2 (1200x504).jpgTF The Ravage Infiltration Packaging (1200x655).jpgTF Tuner Skids Packaging (562x900).jpgTF Tuner Skids Packaging 2 (551x900).jpgTF Tuner Skids Robot (914x900).jpgTF Tuner Skids Robot 2 (903x900).jpgTF Tuner Skids Vehicle (1200x757).jpgTF Tuner Skids Vehicle 2 (1200x837).jpgTF Victory of the Fallen Packaging (1161x900).jpgTF Victory of the Fallen Robot (788x900).jpgTF Victory of the Fallen Robots (1063x900).jpgTF Victory of the Fallen Vehicles (1200x691).jpg

Power Core Combiners

PCC Darkscream Packaging (789x900).jpgPCC Darkscream Robots (1086x900).jpgPCC Darkscream Vehicle (1200x750).jpgPCC Double Clutch Packaging (949x900).jpgPCC Double Clutch Robot (1031x900).jpgPCC Double Clutch Vehicles (1200x745).jpgPCC Icepick Packaging (798x900).jpgPCC Icepick Robots (1053x900).jpgPCC Icepick Vehicle (1200x891).jpgPCC Leadfoot Packaging (782x900).jpgPCC Leadfoot Robots (1060x900).jpgPCC Leadfoot Vehicle (1200x533).jpgPCC Mudslinger Packaging (945x900).jpgPCC Mudslinger Robot (984x900).jpgPCC Mudslinger Vehicles (1200x609).jpgPCC Sledge Packaging (795x900).jpgPCC Sledge Robots (1156x900).jpgPCC Sledge Vehicle (1200x842).jpgPCC Steelshot Packaging (783x900).jpgPCC Steelshot Robots (1200x882).jpgPCC Steelshot Vehicle (1200x707).jpgPCC Windburn Packaging (787x900).jpgPCC Windburn Robots (1200x695).jpgPCC Windburn Vehicle (1200x794).jpg

Speed Stars

TF RC Barricade (861x900).jpgTF RC Barricade Packaging (1200x601).jpgTF RC Bumblebee  (843x900).jpgTF RC Bumblebee Packaging (1200x590).jpgTF SpeedStars Bumblebee CHS Packaging (613x900).jpgTF SpeedStars Bumblebee SS Packaging (613x900).jpgTF SpeedStars Optimus Prime (613x900).jpgTF SpeedStars Sideswipe RRS  (1200x651).jpgTF SpeedStars Sideswipe RRS Packaging (613x900).jpgTF SpeedStars Starscream Packaging (613x900).jpgTF Speedstars Ironhide RS Packaging (613x900).jpgTF Speedstars Sideswipe MHS Packaging (613x900).jpgTF Speedstars Stealth Force Barricade Packaging (833x900).jpgTF Speedstars Stealth Force Inferno Packaging (947x900).jpg