7 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Firefly Quick Pics”

  1. I’m a huge Joe fan anyway, and am more than willing to forgive the craptastic ROC toys that have been clogging the shelves for over a year, but these pics further justify *why* I’m a Joe fan! This recent crop of figures are incredible and Firefly in particular is a standout. My question is, what’s up with the cone helmet? Is he meant have a jetpack and that helmet makes him more aerodynamic?

  2. Thanks for the comments guys!
    tool486, the stairs come from the Tech Deck Street Tour “Hollywood High” set. It’s a replica of a skater’s hangout. You can see it here: http://www.amazon.com/Tech-Deck-Street-Tour-Hollywood/dp/B002GJTPJA

    There’s other places too, I saw some new ones the other day at Target and TRU,

    Stygian, about Firefly’s helmet, it sure seems like an aerodynamic “Rocketeer” style helmet doesn’t it? His profile mentions it as being a 3D Sonar Detection Helmet giving him 360-degree spectrum view.

  3. sandman21xxi – Thanks for the info about those stairs! I keep seeing those skateboarder packs but never imagined their “accessories” would look so incredible paired with 3 3/4 figures!!

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