G.I. Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers – September Press Pics

Hasbro has shared a ton of pictures (101 of them!) of upcoming products across its boys toys lines – GI Joe, Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers were all represented this time around. We’ll start with GI Joe – they only included one shot versus the bunch they included in the August press pics, but Sandman is liking the new line. He picked up Beachhead and the Alley Viper first, and then Firefly a few days later.

G.I. Joe

GIJ Cobra Ice Cutter Packaging.jpg

As for me, I’m really looking forward to opening up the Marvel Universe Mystique I picked up recently.


Marvel Universe

MVL Mistique.jpgMVL Wolverine.jpg

MVL Constrictor Packaging.jpgMVL Iron Man 2020 Packaging.jpgMVL Marvel's Hawkeye Packaging.jpgMVL Thanos Packaging.jpgMVL Yellow Jacket and Ant Man Packging.jpg

Super Hero Squad

MVL SHS Spider-Man Ronan Packaging.jpgMVL SHS Taskmaster Deadpool Packaging.jpgMVL SHS Wolverine Juggernaut Packaging.jpg

The bulk of the pics came from the Star Wars brand team this month.

Star Wars

Clone Wars

SW GBG Boba Fett Packging.jpgSW GBG Boba Fett.jpgSW GBG Cato Parasitti Packaging.jpgSW GBG Cato Parasitti.jpgSW GBG Clone Trooper Draa Packaging.jpgSW GBG Clone Trooper Draa Packging.jpgSW GBG Clone Trooper Draa.jpgSW GBG Embo Packaging.jpgSW GBG Embo.jpgSW GBG Kul Teska Packaging.jpgSW GBG Kul Teska.jpgSW GBG Mandalorian Warrior Packaging.jpgSW GBG Mandalorian Warrior.jpgSW GBG Quinlan Vos Packaging.jpgSW GBG Quinlan Vos.jpgSW GBG R4-P17 Packging.jpgSW GBG SW30 R4-P17 Packging.jpgSW GBG SW30 R4-P17.jpgSW GBG Shaak Ti Packaging.jpgSW GBG Shaak Ti.jpgSW GBG Undead Genosian Packaging.jpgSW GBG Undead Genosian.jpg

Clone Wars Vehicles and Box Sets

SW CW Armored Scout Tank Packaging.jpgSW CW Commando Squad Packaging.jpgSW CW Commando Squad.jpgSW CW Destroy Malevolence Packaging.jpgSW CW Destroy Malevolence.jpgSW CW Freedo Speeder Packaging.jpgSW CW Hondo Ohnaka Packging.jpgSW CW Hondo Ohnaka.jpgSW CW Rising of Malevolence .jpgSW CW Rising of Malevolence Packging.jpgSW CW Shadow of Malevolence .jpgSW CW Shadow of Malevolence Packaging.jpgSW Stap Packging.jpgSW Stap.jpg

Jabba’s Throne

SW Jabba's Throne Packaging.jpgSW Jabba's Throne.jpg

Legacy Collection

SW FU Figure Pack 2 Packaging.jpgSW FU Figure Pack 2.jpgSW FU Figure Pack Packaging.jpgSW FU Figure Pack.jpgSW Legacy Snowtrooper Packaging.jpgSW Legacy Snowtrooper.jpgSW Speeder Bike Packaging.jpgSW Speeder Bike.jpg

Light Sabers

SW Red Force FX Lightsaber Packaging.jpgSW Red Force FX Lightsaber.jpg

Vintage Collection

SW Bespin Han Packging.jpgSW Darth Vader Packaging.jpgSW Darth Vader.jpgSW ESB Boba Fett Packging.jpgSW ESB Luke Skywalker Packaging.jpgSW ROTJ Admiral Ackbar Packging.jpgSW ROTJ Admiral Ackbar.jpgSW ROTJ Gamorrean Guard Packaging.jpgSW ROTJ Gamorrean Guard.jpgSW ROTJ Luke Sywalker Packaging.jpgSW ROTJ Luke Sywalker.jpgSW ROTJ R2D2 .jpgSW ROTJ R2D2 Packging.jpgSW ROTJ Rebel Commando Packging.jpgSW ROTJ Rebel Commando.jpgSW ROTJ Wicket Packaging.jpgSW ROTJ Wicket.jpgSW ROTJ Wooof Packging.jpgSW ROTJ Wooof.jpgSW ROTJ Yoda Packaging.jpgSW ROTJ Yoda.jpgSW ROTS Anakin Skywalker Packaging.jpgSW ROTS Clone Commander Cody Packaging.jpgSW ROTS Clone Trooper Packaging.jpgSW ROTS Darth Sideous Packaging.jpgSW ROTS General Grievous Packaging.jpgSW ROTS Magna Guard Packaging.jpgSW ROTS Obi-Wan Kenobi Packaging.jpgSW Sandtrooper Packaging.jpgSW Wave 2 Stormtrooper Packaging.jpgSW Wave 2 Stormtrooper.jpg

We should have a Power Core Combiners review from Talyn up soon.


TF Axor Packaging.jpgTF Battle Ops Bumblebee Packaging.jpgTF Battle Ops Bumblebee Robot.jpgTF Battle Ops Bumblebee Vehicle.jpgTF Firetrap Packaging.jpgTF Highbrow Packaging.jpgTF PCC Crankcase Packaging.jpgTF PCC Stakeout Packaging.jpgTF Rescue Ratchet Packaging.jpgTF Sunspot Packaging.jpgTF The Fallen Packaging.jpg

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