Introducing – Win Free Stuff!

No, we aren’t promoting a new website.

Submit your caption for this picture, from Talyn, in the “Leave a Reply” section below, and get a chance to win some Free Stuff!

Since this is our first CFP entry, we’ll be giving away a Marvel Universe A.I.M. Soldier to a lucky AFP caption writer. So submit your best captions – sure, send in as many as you want! – for your chance to win. We’ll announce the winning caption the next time we have a CFP post – in about a week.


(For more pics of the prize, see Sandman’s review of the Marvel Universe Colossus, Juggernaut, and A.I.M. Soldier.)

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29 thoughts on “Introducing – Win Free Stuff!”

  1. “Spider-Sense tingling! Somebody is trespassing behind this clearly written ‘No Trespassing’ sign. Well, maybe that’s because I’m loitering under the ‘No loitering’ sign.”


    “Spidey’s chuckling at the term ‘penal code’ gave away his hiding spot to Venom.”


    “Spider-Sense tingling! All desire to french kiss ever again has been lost!”

  2. Venom: “Arrrggh, can’t…scale…this…wall, ugh…*burp*…damn chili burritos.”

    Spider-Man: “I thought I smelled something foul.”

  3. spiderman; He knows who I am! mary Jane,Aunt May
    Venom: He’s the photographer who takes pictures for the newspaper “em TAKE THIS”

  4. Venom: “om-nom-nom-nom”


    Spider-man: “My Spider-sense is ting- nope, just gas.”

  5. Spidey “That’s so weird, I swear I keep feeling raindrops, but there’s not a cloud in the sky!”

  6. If I were an angry,homicidal symbiote with nothing but revenge on it’s mind, where would I be? He’s right above me, isn’t he?!

  7. “There’s no way Venom will find me with this new brick wall camouflaged costume I got from Reed Richards!”

  8. Spidey: “He’ll never find me here”
    Venom: “Look up”
    Spidey: “DAMN IT”
    Venom: “Tag your IT”

  9. Spider-Man-*Sniff*…..*sniff*…….is that the smell of steroids and drool i smell? Brock is that you?

  10. “..Dude! …Psssst*….Spidey… it’s me Venom, doesn’t it suck that we’re the only two decent figures in our line….”

  11. Unfortunately for Spider-Man, he would soon discover that his “spider-sense” did not detect symbiote vomit.

  12. Though he is infamous for his heroics, Spider-Man has never been the best at hide-and-seek.

  13. Alright Eddie. Wait until those teen girls walk by then pretend to attack me. If this plan works we’ll both be knee-deep in tail by the end of the night!

  14. Since the invention of the wedgie, there have only been five wedgies that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

  15. VENOM: Hey Parker, the symbiote told me that when you wore him as a costume you used to go commando sometimes. You know that’s kind of sick dude.

    SPIDER-MAN: Shut up Eddie! I only did it once when I couldn’t get to the laundromat, and I didn’t know the suit was sentient. Now stop following me!

  16. Spidey: “if only my ball jointed neck could look straight up I would have known what was coming”

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