Kmart Launches WWE Legends Hall of Fame on 8/28

Kmart jumps on board with Mattel’s WWE Legends line with the Hall of Fame assortment, which is essentially Legends Series 1 minus the Road Warriors plus Funk and Snuka from Series 2. Of course, if the packaging is different, then you might have some mint on card collectors out looking for these guys too.

I’ve already picked up all of Series 1 with the exception of Dusty Rhodes (I was never a big fan), and Funk was a little before my time. But Snuka was always entertaining, so I’ll probably still stop by to see if I can pick one up.

Click on the picture (or here) for a list of Kmart stores that are participating.

WWE® “Special Delivery” Event at Kmart Sat 8/28

WWE® Fans,

Summer’s just about over, but on Saturday, August 28th at 11 a.m., we’ve
got something guaranteed to get you out of the pool and into your favorite Kmart… it’s the first-ever Special Delivery: Hall of Fame Series Collector Event!

The event will feature the launch of the WWE® Legends Hall of Fame Series figure assortment, which is only available at Kmart. Packed with some of your all-time favorites, the assortment includes:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin®
  • Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat™
  • “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes™
  • Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka™
  • Sgt. Slaughter™
  • Terry Funk™

Each legend will come with a figure-scale Hall of Fame plaque and exclusive gold-tone figure base. This is an “available while supplies last” deal, so get there early to collect ‘em all!

— Matty

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