Masters of the Universe Classics Orko Pic Review


Today we’ll have a look at everyone’s favorite Trollan, Orko! I know he’s been out for a while now, but what the heck, I have some photos to share!


As simple and small as he is, Orko’s got a great sculpt. His scarf has got some nicely sculpted creases, his hat bends in the right places, and his hands have some expressive sculpts!

For the $25 he was sold at Mattycollector, you get a lot. Of course he has Prince Adam as an accessory, an extra Adam head, and a full and half violet Power Sword. (I just noticed I didn’t include the half sword in the pics!) There’s also a stand, a spellbook (which he unfortunately can’t hold) and a wand for Orko. Prince Adam alone could’ve been a $20 figure at Matty, so if you think about it you got Orko for an extra $5. It’s a good way to get a small character like Orko out.



Orko’s got a ball-jointed head, hinge/swivel shoulders, hinge/swivel elbows and swivel wrists. He attaches on a ball joint on the stand which creates some great tilts in posing him.

The only weak point I found with this figure are the paints. Orko’s got some paint bleed on the edges between his ears and his hat, and there are parts on my figure where there are stray spots of blue and red paint. His body is a different shade of red from his hat, which seems to be accurate to the original figure and the original cartoon.

I’ve always loved that Orko’s face is just a black mass with yellow eyes. I believe Trollans do have faces but they only reveal them as a sign of intimacy to someone. He did this to Dree Elle while in Trolla in the original cartoons – off camera, of course!


Ok, pardon the cheap special effects, I'm too lazy to Photoshop it away!

Angry eyes courtesy of some black tape over the top of his eyes.

He’s supposed to be a powerful magician in Trolla, so I think if he can just figure out a way to tap into his powers while in Eternia he can give Evil-Lyn a run for her money! I saw an episode in the original cartoon where they travel to Trolla, and in order for Adam to become He-Man he had to say magic words backwards. Why couldn’t Orko do that in Eternia?


Next up, check out Prince Adam! They had to create a bigger blister to be able to stick him in as an accessory!



He’s pretty much He-Man with a vest, but for me, the happy headsculpt is the highlight of the figure. I’m so glad to see a different expression oh He-Man’s face! He still comes with the angry headsculpt just in case you don’t like happy, smiling Masters on your display.

His vest is glued at the belt, so I didn’t take it off. It does hinder his ab and shoulder articulation a little bit, but I don’t mind it as much. Again, the half Power Sword didn’t make it in the pics. I remember as a kid I liked the idea of combining the Power Swords, but these days they just get chucked in the accessory bin as soon as I open the figure.

I have to mention he’s missing a strap on his back for his Power Sword, you would think it would be automatic for Adam to have it. I had to use those clear rubber bands (around his neck then down to his back loin cloth) to act as a makeshift strap.


I’m happy we got Adam the way we did. Pairing him up with Orko was a great idea. I feel like I got more for my money than if they had chosen to sell them separately.



For me, these two characters are essential for any Masters of the Universe collection. I loved Orko as a kid, and as an adult I still do! I always thought he was interesting visually, with that red costume, and he also adds some size variety to the MOTUC collection. The paint bleed on the ears is unfortunate, especially at this price range, but I’m still happy to have him.

Prince Adam is also a great figure, and I love that they added the extra smiling head. Seriously they could have easily just included the regular He-Man head and called it finished. The extra accessory is appreciated! Also, now we’re just a Queen Marlena away from completing the royal family. I still need an Adora though!

That’s it! Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!



7 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Classics Orko Pic Review”

  1. Sandman – awesome pics, as usual. you really threw me for a loop with the “angry eyes” variant of Orko 😀

    I think when Mattel reissues Orko that they should incorporate that feature – maybe the black portion of the head could rotate under the hat to include normal and angry eyes. you really found a way to give him some extra character. kudos!

  2. Awesome photos! Your little trick added a whole lot to Orko. I was underwhelmed by him, I’m not a fan of that part of the mythos (goofy Orko & prissy Prince Adam), but I like the idea of having an “angry” Trollan wizard next to He-Man on my shelf. I’ll have to try that out.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys! It’s funny how goofy Orko is looking at the original cartoon now as an adult, but as a kid I loved Orko!

    The rotating head with different expressions is a great idea Ron! I know Art ASylum did that with the Skrull Minimates and I thought that was cool!

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