Mattel WWE Toys R Us Exclusive WrestleMania XXVII Figures in Stores Now

It’s nice to see Mattel’s event exclusive WWE figures extend beyond the basic series, as I’m really only interested in the figures with the Elite style articulation. It’s also pretty cool that Mattel can turn around a series with event-specific decos after only a few months. WrestleMania 27 took place at the start of April.

WrestleMania® XXVI Series Exclusively at Toys ‘R Us

WWE® Fans,

You probably already know Toys ‘R Us is the official destination for our WrestleMania® XXVI products. Well, the list of products just keeps getting bigger, better, and badder… like the all-new lineup of figures from WrestleMania® XXVI!

WWE® Figures: Kane®, Chris Jericho™, Shelton Benjamin™, Matt Hardy™, Christian™, and Drew McIntyre™

WWE® Figure Two-Packs: WWE® Championship Match: Batista® and John Cena®, Unified Tag Team Match: R-Truth™ and John Morrison™, and Unified Tag Team Match: The Miz™ and Big Show®

Elite Figures: Undertaker®, Triple H®, Rey Mysterio®, and Jack Swagger™

WrestleMania® Superstar Ring

These awesome figures are available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us stores and on, and they’re on sale now!

— Matty

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