DC Universe Classics Custom Green Lantern Tomar-Re

Yes, I know that Mattel is releasing a Tomar-Re with the DC Universe Classics Green Lantern’s Light 5-pack that should be hitting Wal-Mart any day now. From a customs standpoint, I’ve had a recent streak where customs I’ve made or commissioned have been cruelly announced as upcoming retail figures by Mattel – see Sinestro and Riddler from Giants of Doom, our group entry to CustomCon 26. But in Tomar-Re’s case, it was deliberate.

While I think the upcoming figure is just fine, it wasn’t quite the representation of Tomar-Re that I wanted. First, the head is a slightly tweaked reuse of the Romat-Ru head sculpt from the Color of Fear 2-pack. It has the mask added, but not quite in the right shape for Tomar-Re. And I’m not a fan of the screaming head – to me, Tomar-Re was a calming influence in the Green Lantern Corps.

So I made my own, using what are probably very obvious choices for fodder – a standard GL body from the Abin Sur / Hal Jordan 2-pack, and Romat-Ru head and hands.

DC Universe Classics Tomar Re 2 (897x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Tomar Re 3 (899x1200).jpg

The head was the most involved part. To get rid of the screaming beak, I stuck an exacto all the way into the back of the opening and sliced downward. Then I applied some superglue to the “hinge” at the back of the beak and the tip and glued it shut. Then I mixed some Apoxie Sculpt and filled in the gap at the back of the jaw. I also sculpted the domino mask, but in a looping shape that is more reminiscent of his early comic book appearances. Not resculpting the eyes to fill the eye sockets in the mask was a conscious choice too – I wanted him to fit in with DC Universe Classics figures for Tomar-Tu and Romat-Ru, who are both from Tomar-Re’s planet.

After the Apoxie was set, I dremeled off the folds in his chin and reshaped the jaw a bit. Then sanded it some more with fine sand paper.

DC Universe Classics Tomar Re 4 (898x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Tomar Re 5 (901x1200).jpg

Tomar-Re has appeared with both four and five fingers. Since Romat-Ru had four, I used his hands. However, that meant having to remove the ring from his left hand and add one back to his right. To create the ring, first I applied a section of clear rubber band that I pulled off a new Mattel figure – this represented the ring’s band. Then I glued a small dollop of Super Sculpie to the band to serve as the ring’s face.

Romat’s right hand needed a little surgery to fit into the wrist socket. First, I had to remove a thick band on the wrist peg. Then I had to remove the small nub at the end of the peg, so that it would fit in all the way.

DC Universe Classics Tomar Re with Hal Jordan and Abin Sur (1199x1200).jpgDC Universe Classics Tomar Re with Romat Ru (1200x1200).jpg

As for the figure coming in the GL 5-pack, I will use him as a stand-in for Tomar-Tu – the standard GL domino mask, the modern costume, and five fingers work better for him.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Awesome Ron! I’m jealous of you and Buzzy and your customs! I should really get in on doing this stuff!! Great stuff!

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