San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Hasbro Exclusive Marvel Universe Movie Spider-Man


Who doesnt love Spider-Man? Really? I’ve been a fan of the webhead almost all my life, and I can tell you – the Marvel Universe Movie Spider-Man is one heck of a fun figure.


At first I couldnt imagine opening this figure because of the beautiful packaging it comes in. The outer box is covered in silver foil and the inside blister carded figure has a cool manual spinning feature, but I am glad I cracked this guy open…


…because he’s amazing! The articulation is crazy, almost every joint is a ball/swivel joint. His neck moves surprisingly far up and down. You can get all those crazy flying poses youve always wanted with a Spider-Man figure in a much smaller scale. And though this is the movie style costume, he still fits in great with your other Marvel figures of the same scale.


He can get some nice battle poses, and his suction-cup web accessory comes in handy as well…



If you’re at all into collecting the smaller scale Marvel Universe line, definitely pick this guy up!

2 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Hasbro Exclusive Marvel Universe Movie Spider-Man”

  1. I would club baby seals for a classic comic Spidey with this much articulation… Why they haven’t done a new one in the main Marvel Universe line is beyond me…

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