Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock Quick Pics

Hasbro has a history of releasing Masterpiece figures from Japan in the United States and making alterations to the figures that turn out to be a detriment to the figure. However, with the Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock, this time they got it right.


The US release of Grimlock comes with additional paint applications on the arms, legs, waist, and thighs.


If you can find this Toys R Us exclusive around you, don’t hesitate to pick him up!

2 thoughts on “Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock Quick Pics”

  1. I just picked this guy up, along with the animated rodimus minor from a TRU in irving, tx (for any texans looking for him). I haven’t opened him yet (because of the price I was iffy on keeping him) but after seeing these photos it will be the first thing I do when I get home today.

  2. MP Grimlock looks awesome!! I am sooo tempted to pick him up, I just need TRU to do some coupons or something, the $70 price tag kills me! But he will be mine one day!!! Great pics Talyn!

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