World War Robot Portable Noir de Plume on Sale 8/19

I still have a guest review of the WWRp Nom de Plume to get published (sorry Ebon!) I missed picking one up of the Noms when the 2010 3A memberships were on sale, so I will probably try to pick up at least one of the Noir de Plumes that will go on sale later today.

For the time zone challenged, 9AM on Friday in Hong Kong is 9PM EST / 6PM PST on Thursday in the United States.

WWRp Noir de Plume is going to be on sale at 20 of August, 9-00 AM Hong-Kong time only at , price – 40$ + 15$ for EMS shipping, so this time shipping isn’t included. You can buy maximum two and we haven’t heard yet whether combined shipping will be possible.

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5 thoughts on “World War Robot Portable Noir de Plume on Sale 8/19”

  1. Talyn, I lucked out too.

    I was there right as the Noir dropped, but got cart-jacked. when they released the figures for non-payers, I got cart-jacked again. when Ash freed up the last batch from “cart stuffers” I finally got through the whole cycle.

    people are saying that this has been the craziest drop for 3A ever. it’s only the third I’ve been through, but it was definitely the toughest.

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