CFP – Sting and Triple H

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Submit your caption for this picture, from Buzzy, in the “Leave a Reply” section below, and get a chance to win some Free Stuff!

TNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 024.jpg

A few weeks ago, we ran this CFP of Spider-Man and Venom. As it was Talyn’s pic, he selected the winner, William McKean, for his caption: “..Dude! …Psssst*….Spidey… it’s me Venom, doesn’t it suck that we’re the only two decent figures in our line….” Congrats, William!

We won’t do this every single time, but for this CFP, I’m giving away two loose Mattel WWE figures from my Free Stuff pile. First, Batista, from WWE Basic Series 1. And second, the Ministry Undertaker from San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Please note: both figures are loose, and Undertaker’s left hip joint snapped when freeing his thigh swivel.

I was able to reassemble the joint (no glue), but it will come apart again if you do not handle the figure with care. Don’t worry, though, Undertaker stands with no issues and can be posed if you handle with care. And should the joint fall apart again, it’ll be easy to snap back together.

Hey, what do you want – it’s free! So get cracking on those captions, and good luck!

9 thoughts on “CFP – Sting and Triple H”

  1. Sting-“Nothing will come between me and another bite of this watermelon, nothing I tell you, NOTHING!!!”
    Triple H-“Arrggghhh I’m The Game, damn it! And I said seedless!”

  2. Sting: Behold! Watermelons are like upside-down rainbows! When we find the leprechaun’s gold, I’m going to buy you some goddamn pants.
    Triple H: Give me that! When >I< find the leprechaun's gold, I'm going to buy you a speedo.

  3. Hey! The script says that I’m supposed to eat the watermelon. No fair! I’m telling Mr. McMahon!

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