Border Patrol: Wrestling Edition – C.M. Punk, Goldberg, and Samoa Joe

Being an old-time wrestling fan, I’ll admit that Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE got me to check up on the latest news. There’s a lot of buzz on C.M. Punk since he quit the WWE a few weeks back, and his no-show at RAW last night in his hometown Chicago furthered the belief that it’s a shoot, not a work – sometimes wrestling is real! This edition of Border Patrol is for wrestlers you haven’t and probably never will see in Mattel’s line of WWE figures.

  • Mattel WWE CM Punk (Wrestlemania 26) by jps9779 – Mattel’s made a lot of C.M. Punk variants, but one you will probably never see is his Wrestlemania 26 gear, with its G.I. JOE styled appearance – not a fan of this look? there’s another C.M. Punk custom from his ECW title match vs. John Morrison – ends Mar 05, 2014 15:29:06 PST
  • Mattel WWE Bill Goldberg by ifigureidletyano – somehow, Mattel has not yet made a flashback figure of Goldberg, making him a popular figure for customizers – there’s also another Goldberg custom on sale this week – ends Mar 06, 2014 18:43:41 PST
  • Mattel TNA Samoa Joe by knlimper – one wrestler you will likely never see in the Mattel collection is Samoa Joe, who has wrestled outside of all of the wrestling circuits that Vince McMahon has absorbed into the WWE – Marvel Toys / Toy Biz made a Samoa Joe figure during their short-lived TNA license, but if you want one in the Mattel Elite style, this will be one of your few chances – ends Mar 05, 2014 19:00:21 PST

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Border Patrol: Marvel Legends Sif, WWE Elite Hulk Hogan, 1/6 Scale Blade Runner

Marvel Legends Sif WWE Elite Hulk Hogan One Sixth Scale Blade Runner

This week’s customs are all high up on my want-but-can’t-have list:

  • Marvel Legends SIF by JLA – I really do wish that Hasbro had gotten on the ball and made a Thor Marvel Legends wave or two – although I’m generally not enthused by using DC Universe Classics figures for Marvel characters (and vice versa), this custom really works out well – I’ll have to compare the sizes to newer ML Thor, though, because I wonder how Sif measures up – ends Dec 07, 2013 20:49:30 PST
  • WWE Elite Hulk Hogan by 1more2come – this is a relatively simple custom but fills a gap in all our Mattel WWE Legends collections – with Hulk recently re-upping with TNA, it’d take a miracle to get him in the Mattel WWE line-up, even if it’s just a flashback figure – it’s too bad Marvel Toys / Toy Biz is no longer in the game with its TNA figures – ends today, Dec 03, 2013 18:47:19 PST
  • 1/6 Scale Blade Runner Rick Deckard by thebatmancollector – this custom combines elements from Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys, and costuming from Android Hunter – I think there’s enough of a cult following for Blade Runner that Sideshow or Hot Toys could pick it up – if Sideshow can make a Snake Plissken, certainly there’d be more options for figures from Blade Runner – ends today, Dec 03, 2013 15:16:18 PST

In AFP’s Border Patrol, we scour active eBay auctions for customized action figures that you won’t want to let slip by!

Custom action figure fans, CustomCon36 will start next Tuesday, December 10. If you have a last minute entry for CustomCon 36, please contact me if you need just a little more time.

The Black Friday Lazy Shopper’s Post

It’s Thanksgiving! –  that special day of the year that we stuff ourselves to the gills with turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce; and then head out into the cold to await the Black Friday sales. But no, not me – I’m going to sit back and enjoy the warmth indoors, and maybe pick up a toy or two just with a few clicks of the mouse.

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CFP – Sting and Triple H

Welcome back to another edition of!

Submit your caption for this picture, from Buzzy, in the “Leave a Reply” section below, and get a chance to win some Free Stuff!

TNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 024.jpg

A few weeks ago, we ran this CFP of Spider-Man and Venom. As it was Talyn’s pic, he selected the winner, William McKean, for his caption: “..Dude! …Psssst*….Spidey… it’s me Venom, doesn’t it suck that we’re the only two decent figures in our line….” Congrats, William!

We won’t do this every single time, but for this CFP, I’m giving away two loose Mattel WWE figures from my Free Stuff pile. First, Batista, from WWE Basic Series 1. And second, the Ministry Undertaker from San Diego Comic-Con this year.

Please note: both figures are loose, and Undertaker’s left hip joint snapped when freeing his thigh swivel.

I was able to reassemble the joint (no glue), but it will come apart again if you do not handle the figure with care. Don’t worry, though, Undertaker stands with no issues and can be posed if you handle with care. And should the joint fall apart again, it’ll be easy to snap back together.

Hey, what do you want – it’s free! So get cracking on those captions, and good luck!

JAKKS Pacific TNA Deluxe Impact Series 1 Sting

TNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 006.jpg

Jakks’ TNA Deluxe Impact Series 1 is finally hitting the shelves in my neck of the woods! I found them at Toys R Us and Kmart while making the rounds this weekend and I picked up Sting to see how they compare to the old TNA WWE Deluxe Aggression line.

TNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 001.jpgTNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 002.jpgTNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 003.jpg

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