Marvel Universe Wave 9 Skrull Soldier Quick Pics


Ok, so my most wanted of Marvel Universe Wave 9 was Wrecker, mostly because he sports the improved body (with hip swivels) that Hasbro has been slowly integrating in the line. I wasn’t excited about the rest of the characters because all of them sported the old and outdated bodies. So it was a big surprise to me that I found myself liking the Skrull Soldier when I finally found one. I liked it enough to pick up two more, even though it uses the same body that they used on the Human Torch, which I am not very fond of.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but I found myself taking more and more pictures of them. Maybe it’s a combination of the nice headsculpt, the weapons and the added costume details, but whatever it is I ended up liking this figure as much as Wrecker! Ok, onto the pics!




The Skrull has a handgun and a rifle, which I both like. Of the three Skrulls that I got, one came with a stand that has Skrull writing inscripted on it. A fun little thing to include, in my opinion!


Skrull Soldiers causing confusion…



… and Skrull Soldiers getting their butts kicked!!




It’s not even a stretch to include the ML Super Skrull in the setup!


All in all a fun little surprise for me. Hip swivels would’ve been awesome, but hey, I’m hoping they’ll all have them a couple of waves in the future!

I found them at Toys ‘R’ Us ($7.49) and Walmart (7.88, ouch!), I sorta wish I had found them at Target which still sells their MU at $6.99.

That’s it for now, thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!

After the Quick Pics shoot, they're all friends!

13 thoughts on “Marvel Universe Wave 9 Skrull Soldier Quick Pics”

  1. These rock, Sandman. LOL on the Spidey saving MJ one! The last one with everyone making up while Johnny rides his Tech Deck is awesome. Excellent stuff!

  2. Thanks guys!

    Drunken Fist, they sure are nifty, aren’t they? I don’t normally army build, but these Skrulls just look good in multiples! (I’ll probably stop at 3 though!)

    T, most of my displays come from previous figures like Marvel Legends and other toys with dio bases/backgrounds. Unfortunately, with costs rising, companies have pretty much stopped including diorama stuff with their action figures. In this Quick Pics installment, I had the Prince of Persia Alamut gate set, which I found at Target for clearance ($5.98!), and the street setup is from the NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. The Tech Deck Street Tour Sets are good too although a little pricey ($19.99). Again, thanks for looking guys!

    Thanks Lt. Clutch, Spidey will never live that down! And damn the Skrulls know about MJ?

  3. Another great set of pics!!!

    I just hate MU figures but you make them look amazing!!!

    You have an evil power Sandman!

  4. Stevie, I certainly understand the hate on some of the MU figures, but I have to say that Hasbro has been making some nice upgrades on this line. I have been selective in my MU purchases, and I like the fact that I don’t have to buy a whole wave of these figs. But if the SDCC Cap is a sign of things to come, I’m sure I’ll be buying more though!

  5. Well Sandman, you have given me a better appreciation of MU, sadly the scale will always be a sticking point for me.

    I’d just love a Wrecker in ML scale!

    I look forward to you next set of great pic’s!!!

  6. Thanks BigBearJahlon! I got that castle background from the Prince of Persia Alamut Gate playset, I saw it clearanced at Target for $5. I haven’t seen it at Target since but I still do see it at Toys ‘R’ Us although at a higher price. The good thing about that gate is it has foot pegs sticking out all over the wall, so Spidey can hang on the wall!!

    Thanks Erik, I’m a big fan of ML too, but without any ML to buy lately I’ve had to get my Marvel fix through Marvel Universe. Fortunately, they have been improving and next year looks to better. If the SDCC Cap is any indication, pretty soon these figs will start to look like mini ML’s!

    Thanks again for commenting guys!

  7. Nice job with all the camera work real nice! Working on something like this for myself. I laughed my head off with the invasion scene! I have this sick civil war scene in my head! My hats off to you!

  8. Even though all the action is great and I loved it, the last pic ended up being my favorite, with all the figures happy after a successful photo shoot. Awesome job.

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