Marvel Universe Wave 9 Iron Patriot (Regular and Variant) Quick Pics


To continue with some Marvel Universe Wave 9 goodness, here’s some Quick Pics of Iron Patriot! I managed to pick up both versions of him, unmasked and masked. Obviously, this is a repaint of the previously released Extremis Iron Man figure. I loved the Extremis figure so I couldn’t pass up picking up Norman in his own version of the armor. Plus, he was the main villain during Dark Reign so he’s an important character for me. I’ve put up pics of the unmasked, Osborn mixed in with his masked Iron Patriot armor. On to the pics!





Suited body courtesy of the 2009 SDCC Exclusive G.I. Joe Destro. It required fudging as the hole and the peg are not perfect fits.


I had to try the Osborn head on his Green Goblin body, the head fits, although it is a little bit bigger than his Gobby head.



Here he is with substitute Hawekeye, and headswapped Ms. Marvel. I need that Venom/Daken Comic 2-pack stat!


I’ve seen the regular Iron Patriot in Toys ‘R’ Us ($7.49) and Target (6.99). The Unmasked Iron Patriot I found at Walmart ($7.88). It was weird because they didn’t even have any regular, masked Iron Patriots, they had about 6 unmasked ones though!

Well, that’s it for now! Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!


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