Toys R Us Exclusive Captain America Minimates Set

Remember the Captain America fan vote that Toys R Us ran in conjunction with Diamond Select Toys? Fans picked their four favorite Caps for this TRU exclusive box set. In case you were curious, the two that didn’t get enough votes were The Captain, from the ’80s, and the Cap from Marvel’s recent Civil War event.

Captain America’s History: Minimates Style

Have you ever wanted to own all of the most important incarnations of America’s greatest hero in Minimate form? Well, here’s your chance. The set includes World War II, Suspended Animation, Armored, and Reborn version. Look for it soon at your local Toys R Us, because that’s the only place you’re gonna find it!

via Art Asylum Blog » Captain America’s History: Minimates Style.

One thought on “Toys R Us Exclusive Captain America Minimates Set”

  1. Cap Reborn isn’t terribly exciting, but I love the rest of them. I especially like the different shades of blue – the Suspended Animation Cap looks like his blue is faded with age, the WW2 Cap is slightly desaturated, and the Armored Cap is nice and shiny. This set could have easily looked like 4 very similar figures from across the toy aisle, but by changing up the shades of blue, it helps set them apart.

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