threeA Toys WWRp Frosty Choad Super Pack Production Pics

Way back in February, 3A Toys offered up the WWRp Large Martins for pre-order, and they’re finally making their way out of the hatchery.

In one of the secret drops, a set of five bots in the Deep Powder colorway were put together in a set called the Frosty Choad Super Pack. They’re not quite a match for the original Winter Defense Bramble, which by coincidence was nicknamed Frosty. For comparison, you can check out MattK’s review of his Winter Bramble.

Lucky 3A enthusiasts will get a Large Martin, a Damn Large Martin, a Bramble, a Bertie, and a Square, all in matching color schemes.

Some Choad

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  1. These are some of the nicest weathered WWRp figures, the rust like effect is just sick! Regretted selling my set and buying back them at a premium price. The new ones weahthering these days are… ummh..

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