CFP – Snow Job?

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Submit your caption for this picture, from Sandman, in the “Leave a Reply” section below. No Free Stuff giveaway planned this time, but if you really impress us, maybe we can find something good to send your way!


TNA Deluxe Impact S1 Sting 024.jpg

Speaking of Free Stuff, a couple of weeks ago we asked you to supply a caption for this pic of Sting and Triple H, from Buzzy’s review of the TNA Sting.

I picked the winner this time around, and the caption comes from Ayeffkay (full disclosure – I know the guy):

Sting: Behold! Watermelons are like upside-down rainbows! When we find the leprechaun’s gold, I’m going to buy you some goddamn pants.

Triple H: Give me that! When >I< find the leprechaun’s gold, I’m going to buy you a speedo.

I gave him bonus points for the sly reference to Hornswoggle. Congrats, Ayeffkay!

Stay tuned for Sandman’s review of the G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Snow Job and more, coming soon.

8 thoughts on “CFP – Snow Job?”

  1. Man: I wonder if this is the action figure recreation of Inception
    Wolf: It’s not. And I’m your mother.

  2. And just like that Snow Job broke down crying after finally realizing why all the joes giggle and snicker when his name is pronounced

  3. This was the last seen of Mr. Snow job before the incident where a wolf attacked him because of his underwear smelling like meat & the kielbasa sausage in his tent didn’t help either”

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