AFP Ask Matty Round-Up for 10/15/10

Hey Mattel fans – it’s time for the newest Q&A session of Ask Matty!  Thanks to Toy Guru and the gang at Mattel, and happy Friday!

1) It seems like Warner Bros. Animation has settled into a pretty regular schedule of 3 animated features a year. Next year they’ve got All-Star Superman, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and Batman: Year One on the slate. These would seem like a great match for toys – marquis DC characters in great stories. What are Mattel’s plans for toys for these animated features, and how do you decide whether you want to jump on board or not?

Sorry, it is way too early for us to discuss that deep into 2011 at this time.

2) We’ve often talked about how one of the ways DC Universe Classics has been able to succeed is that you’ve been able to re-use basic tooling in creative ways to make a wide variety of characters. Does that mean that characters or items that would presumably require a lot of new tooling, like Granny Goodness, or a Mobius Chair for Metron, would have a pretty tough time making their way into upcoming line-ups? What would be the best way to get essential characters for completing themes into the line – box sets? Online exclusives? Con exclusives?

There are plenty of uniquely tool’d figures in the DCUC line. Demon and Ares come to mind. Shared tooling just means that not EVERY figure needs a 100% new tool, but it doesn’t mean some won’t need that!

3) Now that you’ve decided to break the seal on vehicles in Masters of the Universe Classics, what about environments or playsets? Would the line have to be back in retail to support something like Castle Grayskull? How about an Eternia Playset? We can dream, right?

Play sets seem like a good next goal. We’ll need to see how the vehicle does first though. In all honesty a play set may need to wait for new entertainment to help drive sales.

4) The Defining Moments Macho Man Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels look great. We noticed that the packaging is similar to that of the Entrance Greats. Will they be priced similarly? Are Entrance Greats continuing in 2011?

Yes, this SKU will be a similar price point.

5) Managers used to be a much bigger part of the WWE, particularly in the era of wrestling encompassed by the WWE Legends line. Have you thought about bringing in managers to Legends or other lines under the WWE license? How awesome would it be to have Bobby the Brain Heenan, Mr. Fuji, Captain Lou Albano, and Miss Elizabeth in Real Scale?

Definitely something we are thinking about but nothing to announce right now.

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