G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Snow Job and Destro


Continuing the G.I. Joe Arctic Threat Mission pic review (I posted my pic review of the Pursuit of Cobra Wolf Hound last week), we now have Snow Job and Destro!

First up, Snow Job!


I’ve always loved Snow Job as a kid. I think it was the skis – although living in the Philippines we didn’t have snow and skiing, I always liked the fact that he came with skiing accessories. When the 25th Anniversary figures came out a couple of years ago, I picked him up once again. With the new Pursuit of Cobra line, as soon as I saw the wealth of accessories he had, I knew I couldn’t pass him up.


He’s garbed in a thicker hooded jacket (with the hood down) in this version. This body bears a resemblance to the recent Arctic Assault Snake Eyes from the Rise of Cobra movie figures. I’m not a 100% sure if it’s a complete reuse, as I don’t have that figure, but it looks close.

As I mentioned he’s loaded with accessories. All of which I’ve found he can carry. There are a lot of pegs and peg holes on his backpack so you can put all his accessories on him. I like the fact that he can carry all of them on his back, some of the figures in this line, I’ve found, cannot carry all of their accessories. It sure is nice that you can display him all decked out with his gear. Unfortunately, his goggles are not removable. Not a big deal for me, but is kinda surprising since Hasbro has been going all out as far as accessorizing these guys.



Like most figures in this line, his coat comes off. I’ll rarely display him without it though, it kinda looks awkward with those jacket sleeves still on and him wearing his goggles and cap.


I figured out later on, from a pic I saw at Hisstank.com, that you can fashion a tent with his ski poles and that big blanket he carries around. I had been fiddling around with it, seeing that there were slits on the piece of cloth, but I could never figure it out until I saw a picture of it. I thought it was kinda neat, but a reference pic would’ve been nice to see in the packaging though, as I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out on my own. Still a great touch for those who figured it out!



Snow job skiing around the snowy landscape.


His wealth of accessories was a big selling point for me. I really am a sucker for all that gear as it means more “play” time trying to put them all on him.

Snow Job looks great with the Wolf Hound and Whiteout, now he just needs some Cobra guys to battle with!


Next up: Destro!


Now, the first time I saw this figure, I felt that he wasn’t a must have figure for me. I really wanted a more definitive Destro, closer to his regular costume. Once I got past that though, I realized he’s still pretty cool to play with. Like Snow Job, he’s loaded with accessories. I specifically like the drill he comes with, even though I couldn’t see Destro doing the actual drilling, I’m sure he’d have some Cobra soldiers around him for that.


He’s got some nice paint applications on his costume. I like the white snow and red highlights on his coat. One thing I didn’t like though is how they painted the top of his silver head white. I know what they were going for, snow/ice getting on his silvery dome, but I don’t like the effect. It looks like he has a white porcelain head of some sort. I sure wish it was a lighter application, or maybe they should’ve just left it silver. That’s one of the most striking elements of Destro, his silver head, and the white really takes some of that away.


Like most figures in this line, the accessories don’t really come with instructions, so there were a couple of things I wasn’t sure of. First, I wasn’t sure where the ice effects should go. Was it supposed to go on his arm? Sort of an effect of him shooting his freeze ray? Or does it go on the gun or the object/person he is freezing? I figured it was up to you where you want it to go. A little use of the imagination is not a bad thing.

Second, his freeze ray gun thing seems to have a gimmick of some sort. His backpack has a red button and a tube attaching to the gun. The gun also has a tiny hole on the tip of it’s barrel. I’ve pressed the button over and over again, feeling if air was coming out, but I hardly feel anything. Maybe you can put water in it and it’ll squirt? (There wasn’t an opening to put water in, sucking it up with the gun is your best chance.) I really didn’t try though.



I love all the intricate details they put on his coat, it looks so high tech, very Destro.


Join Destro up with the Joes and you have a fight! He needs some soldiers to command!



I know Snow Job is in his element, but Destro is just too badass to defeat!


I really like what Hasbro has been doing with the G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra line. It feels like they are reinventing/re-imagining the toy line in the right way. It certainly has generated excitement for me, and I’m glad they are going all out on the accessories. It really feels like I am getting a lot for what I pay for.

I got Snow Job a while ago for $6.99 at Target, although I haven’t seen Wave 1 in stores for a while now, I have heard reports of some stores restocking them. Destro is fairly easy to get in most stores, as Wave 2 is pretty much stocked in full force now. The one we have here was provided by Hasbro – thanks!

Well that’s it, I hope you all enjoyed the pics and thanks for looking!

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