New York Comic Con 2010 – Diamond Select Toys

NYCC Exclusive Marvel AoA Minimates 1 (1200x800).jpg

Here’s a quick look at some of the Marvel items that Diamond Select Toys had on display at New York Comic Con, including the show exclusive Age of Apocalypse Marvel Minimates and the Marvel Select Gambit. DST announced Gambit as the newest Marvel Select figure back in August.

Marvel Minimates

NYCC Exclusive Marvel AoA Minimates 2 Magneto+Rogue (1200x800).jpgNYCC Exclusive Marvel AoA Minimates 3 Cyclops+Sunfire (1200x800).jpgNYCC Exclusive Marvel AoA Minimates 4 Jean Grey+Wolverine (1200x800).jpgNYCC Exclusive Marvel AoA Minimates 5 Apocalypse+Dark Beast (1200x800).jpg

Not being a fan of AOA, I skipped these, but Ayeffkay sent me these pics.

Marvel Select

Marvel Select Cyclops (1) (899x1200).jpgMarvel Select Cyclops (899x1200).jpgMarvel Select Deadpool (1) (899x1200).jpgMarvel Select Deadpool (898x1200).jpg

Marvel Select Gambit (1) (899x1200).jpgMarvel Select Gambit (899x1200).jpgMarvel Select Juggernaut (900x1200).jpgMarvel Select Magneto (901x1200).jpg

I think the Marvel Select offerings from DST are getting better with each release, but I can’t bring myself to collect in yet another scale.

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  1. Man, so tempted to pick up Juggs, Mags, Gambit, and Deadpool. But I don’t wanna get into the MS scale either. That’ll change though if they ever decide to make Jim Lee Cyclops and Jean Grey.

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