Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Sinestro 2-Pack Auction Pics?

AFI poster AbominableDesolation linked to these two pictures of Hal Jordan and Sinestro hosted at auction image hosting site Auctiva (Hal | Sinestro) – could they be production samples of the upcoming Green Lantern 2-pack? Hal features a metallic paint job on the classic costume and painted pupils. Sinestro is on a new base body and looks taller, and looks to reuse the head and lower arms of the original figure from DC Universe Classics wave 3.

I was not able to find auction listings for these guys, so I can’t confirm what these are. Anyone know?

Update: AbominableDesolation provided us with links to the auctions (Hal | Sinestro) – thanks!

3 thoughts on “Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Sinestro 2-Pack Auction Pics?”

  1. Sinestro looks to me like the Plastic Man torso on Deadman’s waist and legs. biceps are different, almost look like biceps from a female figure. looks like a different head sculpt too. the forearms look to be from the original DCUC Sinestro though and they’re too short for this figure.

  2. Re: Green Lantern/Sinestro photos: They were sent to me from an eBay dealer in Hong Kong. He had asked me to identify what Wave they were from. I replied that my best guess was that they were the TRU 2-Pack that we have heard mention of. (Check out Item Number: 390252999690 and 390253759385 on eBay.)

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