Tron Legacy Sam Flynn’s Light Cycle

I continue to be impressed by Spin Master’s “Tron Legacy” line with this new light cycle. From the package, to the vehicle itself, to the accessory, you get every cent worth out of your $19.95.


The package is beautiful, just like all of the other Tron Legacy merchandise so far. This particular one though has a cool little gimmick. Working like those old Stereoscopes, you look through the lenses and see 2 photos that are slightly different from each other, and when combined by your eyes, appears as a backlit 3D photo. On to the toy itself.


Spin master is great at making toys that are great TOYS, playable, fun, and durable for the most part, as well as packed with features. This cycle may look simple enough, but it is jammed with fun. The details are amazing, as is the ultra glossy finish on the whole thing. The few paint applications that it has are clean, and the construction is solid. The rear brake flaps open and close manually. It also has rubber tires! Who makes toys like that anymore?!

The light cycle even comes with a “partially articulated” figure, which is mostly a cleaner stand in for the $10 individually packaged deluxe figures. The 3.75″ figure is fully removable and has articulation at the shoulders and a ball jointed head.

The instructions point out that you are intended to use this figure body, as it fits nicely in the bike, probably easier than the normal figures, but that you can pop off the head and replace it with a more detailed one from the deluxe figures.  I do not have a deluxe figure to illustrate this at the moment. This also means the light cycle works with your other 3.75″ scale figures.


And of course, you cant have a light cycle without some lights. This cycle also features sounds, which are quite loud, and are activated by inserting a figure, pushing a try button, or by rolling the cycle. There are several engine and driving sounds, all varied along with their light patterns. When rolled, the turbine engine in the body also spins! When the try button is held down for a few seconds, the lights and sounds go through a constant cycle that lasts about a minute, so you can have the lights stay on.


If you are at all interested in the toy line or this film, you NEED to get yourself one of these cycles. It is a great quality toy that is actually fun to play with.  With rubber tires, motion activated sounds & lights, and compatibility with the other figures, you really cant go wrong for $20 bucks. Seriously, you’ve spent $20 on stupider things.  GET ONE!

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