Tron Legacy Light Runner

More light-up goodness from the Spin Master Tron line!

Target has been marking down the Tron stuff as of late, so I finally picked up the Light Runner. Unlike the Light Cycle, this vehicle does not have sound features, however, its size more than makes up for that lack.



The light runner is a two person vehicle. However, the figures do not fit in it quite well, especially Quorra, who drove it in the film.  There are small circle plugs in the backs of the seats intended for the figures to insert their back button into and be held in, but it is not quite at the right angle, and with Quorra’s skirt, it makes it impossible for her to fit into this spot.



Despite that, once you get a figure in there, it looks great. The wheels roll well and the rotating front axle is really cool. The light feature does not have a constant-on mode like the cycle, but instead flickers, stays on for a few seconds, and then flickers off again. It also has cool spring loaded “guns” in the front.



If you can pick this up for $13.99 or less, it is definitely a good buy. Without having the electronic sounds or option to have the lights stay on longer, as well as the difficulty with seating the figures, I would have a hard time paying much more, as it is not as much of a deal as the amazing light cycle.

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