Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 038.jpg
Aw yeah baby, D'vann Grayskull is hot like the sun!

UPS dropped off my Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull yesterday and I had to shoot pics of him!

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 001.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 002.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 003.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 005.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 004.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 006.jpg

IMHO, the new King Grayskull is a significantly better figure than the SDCC MOTUC King Grayskull, and that one was pretty damn awesome. All the colors on the KG re-issue are more vibrant – the metallic accessories (belt, wristbands and chest harness) are silver instead of gray, his eyes are centered instead of looking up, and the sculpt seems sharper, especially the loincloth (see the comparison pic a little lower down the page). The white fur sculpted on his cape is thinly flocked and (as you can see) the color of the cape has been changed from brown to red. With the cape on, he looks to me like a young, barbaric Santa Claus. Like all MOTUC figures that followed the SDCC Grayskull, this Grayskull’s head pops off and his cape and harness are removable for accessory swapping fun.

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 007.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 008.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 009.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 010.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 011.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 012.jpg

My only crit is that my Grayskull has very loose ankles which makes it hard to pose him, especially with the cape on because it just pulls him backwards. I probably won’t display him with the cape anyway due to the fact the flocking will just get dusty and dingy over time. Also, part of the card back is stuck to the cape. Guess the cape wasn’t completely cured when he was packaged up.

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 013.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 014.jpg

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 017.jpg
The new Grayskull is much sharper and vibrant than his earlier SDCC incarnation

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 015.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 016.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 018.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 019.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 020.jpg

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 032.jpg

For accessory pack ins, KG comes with a shield, 2 part Sword of Power (the first time both halves have been made in silver and gray, per Matty), an Orb of Power and a Power Transfusing Sword. I’m not a big fan of the classic design for the Sword, it’s a little too toy looking for my taste, but I do dig the power deco on the PT Sword. The Orb looks great under my studio lights, they really make it sparkle and shine. I wish it had come with a cool display stand and I’m gonna have to come up with one, otherwise it’s going to be rolling off my shelf a lot.

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 031.jpg

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 025.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 026.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 028.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 029.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 033.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 034.jpg

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 035.jpg

I was very happy with my SDCC King Grayskull, it’s an awesome action figure, but this new version is an amazing improvement over it and I’m damn glad I endured the WSOD to purchase it. Now that I have this new Grayskull, I am even more stoked to get Vikor, whose release date got moved up to January! Then D’Vann will have a buddy to sack, pillage, plunder and raise hell with.

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 037.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 036.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 040.jpgMatty MOTUC King Grayskull 041.jpg

Matty MOTUC King Grayskull 042.jpg
The Residents have become King Grayskull's personal guard

I wanna give a special thanx to sandman21xxi! Recently I was telling him how much I love how sharp and tight his photography is, especially in his MOTUC reviews, and he was kind enough to share some tips and tricks with me which I utilized when shooting the pics for this review. I think it made a big difference, but please let me know what y’all think.

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  1. Pics look great! Would you guys ever do a feature with sandman to go into detail on how he takes such great shots for the website?

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