Green Lantern Classics Wave 1

Canonball sends in a guest review of Green Lantern Classics wave 1. Previously, he wrote in about the CybCon 2010 Transformers event in Tacoma back in August. You can read more from him at Canonball’s Run. Thanks, CB!

Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 group (1103x1280).jpg

Just in time for the holidays, the first wave of the hotly anticipated Green Lantern Classics line has made its way to several online retailers and is shipping to fans as we speak. With the movie mere months away, this is a great way to kick off Green Lantern mania in 2011 and Mattel has delivered a solid set of figures representing a fairly wide cross-section of the Green Lantern universe.

Green Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner package (994x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner 1 (1280x1236).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner 2 (984x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Manhunter (1258x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Manhunter package (960x1280).jpg

What’s interesting about this initial wave is how villain-heavy it is. There are two Black Lanterns, four Sinestro Corps members (if Maash and Low are counted as separate figures), and a Manhunter. The only hero is also the only Green Lantern in the wave – Kyle Rayner.

Green Lantern Classics Low package (866x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Low (1165x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Maash package (867x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Maash (955x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Abin Sur package (915x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Abin Sur (1125x1280).jpg

This is something we haven’t seen from Mattel since villains are typically in the minority in the average DCUC wave, but this will be a welcome change for many fans who’ve been looking to build up their Sinestro Corps and the Black Lanterns and the Manhunter serve as icing on the villainous cake. It’s also somewhat appropriate that Kyle is the only hero and only Green Lantern in the wave since for years he really was the only Green Lantern.

Green Lantern Classics Sinestro Corps Mongul package (891x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Sinestro Corps Mongul (1043x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Black Hand package (910x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Black Hand (1120x1280).jpgGreen Lantern Classics Arkillo (968x1280).jpg

Mattel is off to a strong start with this initial GL offering and it will be interesting to see how this line develops.