Is DC Universe Classics Wave 18 the “Super Friends Diversity” Wave?

Back in September, rumored line-ups of DC Universe Classics Wave 17 (the “Rainbow Lantern” wave) hit the internet. And right on time, we’re now starting to hear buzz about Wave 18.

According to a post on Raving Toy Maniac’s Toy Buzz, wave 18 will consist of:

  • Samurai
  • Superman & Bizarro (interchangeable head and hands)
  • Manhunter
  • Black Vulcan
  • Metallo
  • El Dorado
  • C&C: Apache Chief

What makes this alleged line-up interesting is that six of the characters (the ones in bold) were on the SuperFriends cartoon back in the 80’s, including the cartoon-only characters that Hanna Barbera added supposedly to give the character lineup some color. While this line-up would be a blow to those Classics fans that believe the line should be limited to characters that have appeared in the comics, Mattel already crossed that bridge when they made the Wonder Twins the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive figures in 2008 – ok, technically it was Gleek who was the exclusive. And while some will argue that Zan and Jayna did appear in the Teen Titans comic briefly, their figures were definitely based on their appearance in the cartoon.

Here’s some images of Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, El Dorado, and Samurai that I found from the SuperFriends show.

You can discuss this rumored line-up on this thread at the Fwoosh. And stay tuned – if this isn’t on the money I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

16 thoughts on “Is DC Universe Classics Wave 18 the “Super Friends Diversity” Wave?”

  1. Well, that’s an underwhelming lineup. I don’t even remember El Dorado. But I hope the Manhunter is the Kate Spencer version of the character. I’d get one of those.

  2. Honestly, I just wish we’d get some kind of official confirmation re: Wave 17 at least. I’m not completely sold at this point that either of the speculative Wave 17 or 18 lists are even close to real, but most of those submitted in the past by board members were pretty damn accurate, so who knows at this point.

  3. dude, that’s a JOKE list, pure speculation by some random poster.

    and we’ve got another month of guessing for w17, at this point, it *might* well really be the Rainbow Deputy wave and they’re waiting for everyone to buy the DC Directs this month first before they confirm/deny it.

  4. yeah it is a joke list. RTM is supposed to be funny at times. pure, unadulerated chaos.

    but if its fake Cornboy would have flat out said so. he shot down the other Crisis rumored lineup pretty quickly on RTM. *popcorn*

  5. How would that Superman/Bizarro in one figure even work? Wouldn’t he need an interchangeable torso too(since the chest symbol and neck would require a different paintjob)?

  6. hmm that’s a good point about his neck, but as for the symbol, Bizarro had some very early comic appearances with the Superman shield not reversed.

    I haven’t seen any official denials as to this wave line-up, so there may be some truth to the rumor. we’ll see.

  7. If that is an accurate list its a DAMN CRIME that the “jester” style Toyman was not the villain. He would be the last figure to complete our Legion of Doom. I couldn’t care less about El Dorado or Black Vulcan, but if we DON’T Get a C&C Apache Chief in WHATEVER wave Samurai comes in… I’m …. I’m calling Sehenanigans!

  8. What I hated the most about the Super Friends cartoon was its lame portrayal of the Justice League (and that so many people seem to think SF came first! ARRGH!). However given the television censor constraints of the time, I’m sure those responsible for the show would argue these lame, watered down episodes were the best they were allowed to do.

    Regardless, it never made sense that with the vast amount of characters in the DC stable, there were no non-white heroes. Aliens were fine. White aliens were fine. Robots were fine. Robots with white secret IDs were fine. The SF cartoon sought to improve this- lame characters for a lame show, Yes. Maybe what people are so resentful of is that the CARTOON SHOW had to do it and DC comics themselves were so slow out the gate.

    And let’s not hide behind the “they’re not officially part of the DC Universe”- that aint gonna fly, because neither were Golden Pharaoh or Cyclotron, characters specifically created for the Super Powers line (one is a white egyptologist, the other a robot who uses a white male disguise). And there wasn’t this much hostility pointed when they made Classics.

    So its not “political correctness”, its just correct.

    By the way, the caption featuring this El Dorado guy (I never heard of him either) that smarts off about why him being “half-naked”? Check out HAWKMAN. WONDER WOMAN. MARTIAN MANHUNTER. Such concerns werent raised about these guys, so why this one?

    Bottom line, if you dont like these figures, dont buy them.

    Take care everyone!

  9. While I would like to own Black Vulcan and the Samurai figures, the true lynchpin of this wave is the C&C itself. Apache Chief would be the only reason why I would spend the money on this series. Let’s hope he is at least as tall as Giganta.

  10. Those who don’t want this line need to just sit out this series then. No big deal. There are tons of Superfriends fans who want this including me. There is nothing you could do about it so just sit back and either enjoy or continue to moan like you are and look foolish.

  11. This line-up for 18 sucks.
    Finish the Titans (new Kid Flash, AQualad and Speedy), Metal Men (including Dr.Magnus), Doom Patrol and JSA (including Golden Age Wonder Woman, Flash, Atom, Batman, Superman, and Sandman) Mattel –
    THEN you can have my cash for this “filler”.

    If you want to scrape the barrel, why not Johnny Thunder? Some G.A. and Titans villains?

    See you when…

  12. What the Superfriends die-hards refuse to understand is that when this junk sits on the shelves at Walmart the line is OVER. And this junk WILL sit on the shelves with Cyclotron.

    It is only a matter of time before this dead-peg-weight sinks the line. If Mattel was selling mainly to comic stores that would be one thing, but their entire interest has been pleasing Walmart – this junk won’t please them long.

  13. I hate to say it..but Every Store I go to on Long Island has Barely Anything sitting on the shelves…But I have to say that I have seen alot of Blue Beatle and Negative man sitting there..Cyclotron and Golden Pharoah Are Gone! So as far as the line ending cause something is sitting on the shelf..I have to disagree…You cannot find these figures anywhere around Ny they sell like hot cakes..But Captain Cold and Dr Impossible I still see from time to time in Most targets..

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