FansProject Sidearm for Classics Rodimus

I have not purchased many so called “3rd Party” products, but with the low price of $15 for this one, I couldn’t pass it up. So here is a quick look at FansProject’s Sidearm.


Included in the set are the target master styled robot, Sidearm, as well as chrome accessories for your Rodimus’ fins. Admittedly, this is more of a side set to the full Protector armor, but as a set itself it still works great for upgrading your Rodimus.


Sidearm can attach to the back fins in gun mode, as well as be wielded by Rodimus. In robot mode he is about the same size as Nightstick that came with classics Cyclonus, and is moderately articulated.



If you can get your hands on the entire Protector armor, It is probably awesome, but if you can only pickup Sidearm, he is still a great addition to your classics Rodimus, the fin extensions make him look alot bulkier, and the Sidearm gun helps the look as well.


One thought on “FansProject Sidearm for Classics Rodimus”

  1. Huh! I don’t particularly care for the extensions, but Sidearm looks really good and Nightstick has given me a newfound appreciation for Targetmasters. Tempting!

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