Marvel Legends vs. DCUC Crossover Part 4 –

Bill has shared the epic finale of his latest Action Figure Comic, ML vs DCUC Crossover, with us. Be sure to check out part one, two, and three, and more of his comics at Bill’s Comics.

Marvel Legends vs. DCUC Crossover Part 4

via Bill Sandefur’s Comics home.

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  1. Which Wolverine & Spider-Man figures did you use in the story, Bill? I can’t figure out which ones they are. Are the custom figures?

  2. Hi, Bill…. (I hope it’s okay to address you as Bill),

    Wow! I just wanted to say how much my 2 boys and I enjoyed your strips. They’re awesome! “Crossover” is amazing. My sons have just about all the Marvel legends and DCUCs and love roll-playing with them. Your strip reads as well as any comic, and your poses and effects are dynamite thanks for doing this!

    I’ve done some basic strips with them, and it took a lot of time and effort. But something at the level of what you’ve put together must have taken unimaginable time and patience ( not mention the skill involved). Those companies should be paying you for showcasing their product with such class!

    Again “Awesome Sause” We’ll keep reading and watching for your next project!

  3. The Spider-Man I used was a “Super Strength Spider-Man” from Spider-Man Classics series 16. The Wolverine I used (in the one panel of the final chapter) is simply a Hasbro yellow Wolverine from the Red Hulk series. The Wolvie used on the cover I’m not sure of. The cover was done by Enforcer and it looks like he used either a X-Men Classics Tiger Stripe Wolverine or the Red Hulk Wolverine with a head swap, but I can’t be sure.

  4. Say, Ninjak (if I can call you that), the funny thing about the last page of part four: I bet you didn’t realize it, but the irony in having Savage Dragon and Thanos on the same page together is that, in cartoons, both of them were voiced by the same guy, Jim Cummings!

  5. Thanks Superdadd2, (it’s absolutely O.K. to call me Bill) I really appreciate the great feedback. It makes me very happy that you and your boys enjoy my comics. Hearing stuff like that totally makes it worth all the work that goes into producing them.

    Even if no one else ever read them, I would probably still make them for own amusement, but it’s really nice to be able to share them with other people and know that they are entertained by them as well.

    My next project should be done soon. It will be posted here and on my site when it is complete.

    I also agree with you, that I should get paid for all that work. You sir are a genius! Hey Hasbro, Marvel, Mattel and DC – are you listening??? (Just kidding, lol)

  6. No problem. Truth be told, your crossover story is what DC and Marvel should have done back in 1983 (the original planned JLA/Avengers crossover was supposed to involve Kang the Conqueror and the Lord of Time). All that would have been needed was to replace Spider-Man 2099 (who wasn’t around back then) and Savage Dragon (same) with Killraven and somebody like Omega the Unknown or Atari Force and they would’ve been set.

  7. Hey Acer, thanks for the awesome feedback.

    Yeah, one of the reasons that I wanted to do this story was because I was very disappointed with the “official” JLA/Avengers crossover that came out a few years ago. It was way too complicated and confusing, and didn’t really feature any good one-on-one battles between the characters that we were all hoping for. It almost felt like they made it bad on purpose just to mess with us.

    The main reason I included Kang was because I wanted to set the story in the late 70’s, early 80’s era. But I also wanted to included some characters from different eras as well (most notably modern Thor), so I needed a plot device like Kang getting involved in order to make that possible. Then since I was already using Kang, I decided to have him bring some more heroes from other time periods into the mix. I almost used Deathlok (who was around in ’83) instead of SM 2099, but I always wanted to use that 2099 figure for something and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

  8. Deathlok? Why didn’t I think of that?!? Either him or Killraven would have worked if they did this in ’83. And I was just thinking-remember how I stated that if they did this, Savage Dragon would have to have been someone else? How does Dreadstar (which is from a Marvel imprint) work? And since you set this in the late 70’s/early 80’s, where were some of the other members of each team, like Beast, Firestorm, Zatanna, Wasp, and She-Hulk (I know they haven’t made figures of Starfox, Photon, or Elongated Man yet)?

  9. Dreadstar might be cool, but there is no figure of him. Actually since I wanted to send Thanos to a different comic universe other than Marvel or DC, the Ninja Turtles would have been good to use as well, and they fit in the era nicely… except that I don’t have them.

    As for the absence of some characters, it was just a matter of having to draw the line somewhere. There are some I would have liked to use except they don’t have a proper figure for the time of the story. For instance I would have loved to have included Wonderman, but I didn’t because his figure is in the wrong costume for the era (we really need a safari jacket Wondy). Same goes for Zatanna (she wasn’t wearing the fishnets and top hat then). I never did find the variant Wasp at retail and I never got around to picking her up on Ebay, so all I have is the modern short haired version, so she was out as well. I do have Firestorm, and I almost included him, but I really couldn’t think of how best to use him. (His powers are pretty far out). Actually, if I had it to do over, I would have found a way to utilize him in some aspect as he is such a definitive member of the JLA of that era.

    I came real close to using the Beast instead of Spider-Man, but since Spidey is my favorite character, and this was such a big story, I really felt that he should play some part in it. Same for Daredevil. As for She-Hulk, she wasn’t in the Avengers at the time of this story. The biggest omission was probably Yellowjacket and the Atom. I have figures of both, and they both would have worked for the time, but like I said, the story was getting pretty big and out of control and I had to draw the line somewhere.

  10. Oh. I see.
    Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, I currently have a dio-story (or storIES) in the works. Any words of advice for a fledgling dio-storyteller?

  11. I’m not sure of your skill with photography or Photoshop, so the best general advice I can offer is that If you’re going to do sequential story-telling, do pencil (thumbnail) layouts first, even if they are just stick figures. I find this helps me immensely when constructing a comic. Sometimes I lay out the whole story before I even start taking pics, and other times I just do the layout pages as I go.

    Hopes this helps some.

  12. Thanks so much for the info, Bill. Yeah, you hooked me with that cool cover photo and I had to have both the Tiger Stripe Wolverine and that Super-Strength Spider-man. So, after you told me which ones you used, I had to go on Amazon & Ebay and find them. I bought both of them and they arrived here this week. Damn you guys…lol..showed me more cool figures that I had to have, like some kind of action figure crack dealers!!

  13. Thanks for the advice, Ninjak. Maybe I’ll consult you on story ideas. Let me give you some info on my series:

    -The continuity is made up of the DC Animated Universe, Marvel Animated Universe, Subow/DIC GI Joe, Toho Godzilla films, and every Transformers incarnation sans Animated, Transtech, the movies, and Prime, along with a few other surprises. It is the first and main universe of my multiverse, and in each story, I end with a fancast list.
    -My diostories fall into three main titles: the prominent one is “Universe United”, while the other two are “Brave and the Bold Team-Up: Missions Spotlight” (which teams up 2-4 characters or teams together) and “Universe United 2040” (which combines the future timeline of Batman Beyond, MC2, GI Joe: Extreme, and others).
    -There will only be a big event every 3 years, unlike comic companies who seem to crank one out every year. One will be my take on Crisis on Infinite Earths, and will be a semi-sequel called “Crisis: Redux”.
    -The main DC and Marvel universes/multiverses will be occasionally referenced, and will each reside in a respective Omniverse. DC is embodied by the blue “Brother” from Marvel vs. DC, while Marvel is the red one, and my Omniverse is a green “Sister”.

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