Reminder: Masters of the Universe Classics Vikor, Eternian Guards, the Goddess and More on Sale 1/18

I’m looking forward to January’s sale date at – because it will be one of the few times this year I’ll have to go online to fight the hoards for a non-subscription item, in this case the Eternia Palace Guards 2-pack. I would guess that the Goddess subbing in for Evil-Lyn as the re-issue will help ease the competition, but also can see army builders going for the 2-pack in a big way.

If you’re just looking for the courtroom Peter Venkman, I’d guess that he’ll stick around for a while after the initial rush for MOTUC has died down.

1/18 SALE UPDATE: The Goddess Trumps Evil-Lyn

Just as we were ready to confirm our list of products for Tuesday’s sale, Evil-Lyn® went all diva and decided she would be a no-show. Luckily, The Goddess offered to check her ego at the garden gate and has stepped in to take her place, so once again, good triumphs. Take THAT, Evil-Lyn®!*

So, here’s our really, truly, final list of products that’ll be available on Tuesday, January 18th:

Please note The Goddess won’t be a re-issue; we’ll be offering remaining customer service stock. As always, the sale starts at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 noon Eastern), so don’t forget to mark your calendar. I send reminder emails, too, so click here if you haven’t registered yet, You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook, too.

— Matty

P.S. Evil-Lyn® can’t play coy forever. Her reissue is still coming; it has just slipped out a month or two. Look for an update on availability soon.

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3 thoughts on “Reminder: Masters of the Universe Classics Vikor, Eternian Guards, the Goddess and More on Sale 1/18”

  1. I’m kind of tempted by the Goddess, but Ive heard the first run had issues with breakage, and this is probably just overstock.

  2. Pulling Evil-Lyn less than a week before and only a day after announcing reissues for the next 4 months is just plain bizzare. The same move can happen with a monthly figure now. Wonder if Matty has anything planned out other than counting every one’s cash at the end of the week.

    And say hello to the Captcha for me!

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