Iron Man Legends Titanium Man

Canonball is back, with a guest review of the new Iron Man Legends 6-inch Titanium Man. Be sure to check out his report on the Emerald City Comicon on, as well as his ongoing blog, Canonball’s Run.


The fabled 6” Titanium Man is finally making its way to store shelves and it’s been a long time coming. We first got a peak at the figure at SDCC in 2009, and then we were teased a bit more as test shots and prototypes found their way to ebay, and it makes me happy to say that the long wait to add this guy to our displays is finally over, as he’s currently popping up at various retail stores across the country. Naturally, he’s a tough one to find since he’s the only truly “new” figure in the wave and is the one everyone is after as a result, but once in hand, I have to say he was worth the wait.



Titanium Man features all the standard articulation in keeping with Hasbro’s recent Legends and it feels like a nice, sturdy figure in hand. I didn’t feel like I had to be gentle with it for fear of breaking it – it’s a solid figure, which is nice to see.

The only area where there is room for improvement, IMO, is the paint. The green is a bit flat and a metallic green (like Atgscl’s custom paint job on the prototype) would have looked really nice, but what we got certainly doesn’t look bad, either.

Overall, I’m happy to finally have this guy. Hopefully it won’t be another two-year wait for Crimson Dynamo to finally make his way to the pegs!

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