Masters of the Universe Classics De-Flocked Moss Man Custom

Howdy from the Buzzy Cave!

A while back, the bad azz, customizer known as Arez, made a de-flocked Moss Man that caught my eye. Even though I’m a sucker for cool, ape like figures, I didn’t buy the Masters of the Universe Classics Moss Man when it was offered because I’m not a fan of flocking. But seeing Arez’s de-flocked Mossy made me realize how awesome Mossy could be without the fuzz and I thought making one of my own would be a fun, easy custom project. Fun and easy… Ha!

First I had to acquire a MOTUC Moss Man, which I did via trade with another collector. Unfortunately when I received the figure, the “serene” head (the one I wanted to use) was not sent with it. Grrrrrr… Luckily Arez, came to the rescue and lent me his Moss Man head so that I could make a cast of it.

Next came the de-flocking. Folks, this was not easy or fun. In fact it was painful. Getting the fuzz off wasn’t too hard, soaking Mossy in some warm tap water and scrubbing with a toothbrush does the trick for that. The hard part is removing the glue under the flocking. I probably spent a couple solid hours scrubbing and scraping this forest troll with warm water, citrus solvent, a toothbrush, toothpicks and even my bare fingers to get all the glue out of his sculpted fur. By the time I finished, my hands were wrecked and the combined odor of Mossy’s patchouli perfume and the citrus solvent made my lungs burn.

If you’re thinking of trying this custom, my suggestion is; get a Beast Man, Carnivus or Stratos to use for the body and just de-flock Mossy’s head. It’d be a million times less painful than trying to strip the flocking off the body. 😉

The hands needed some work too. For the right hand, I exchanged Mossy’s with one from an extra Carnivus so he could hold weapons in both hands. On his left hand, there was some sculpted spiked knuckle thing that was hidden by the fuzz. I sanded that detail off and used Aves Fixit Sculpt to sculpt new fur.

To help bring out Moss Man’s sculpted furry details, I gave him a dark brown wash first and then dry brushed with Ordic Olive and Traitor Green from Privateer Press’ P3 Formula Paints. I also gave him some light touches of tan, light brown and gray to add to his mossiness.

His flesh was painted with a Model Masters Tan with a little Reaper Flesh tone mixed in. The eyes were painted with Reaper Leaf Green.

For his belt and wrist bands, I layered a Citadel dark brown, then Model Masters Leather. The studs were painted with Model Masters Steel. I gave the furry loincloth a wash of dark brown.

Even though Mossy was a huge PITA to de-flock and made my lungs and hands hurt like hell, I’m very happy with the end result. The wash and dry brushing make all his details pop and I think he looks much tougher and realistic.

Thanks for looking!

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7 thoughts on “Masters of the Universe Classics De-Flocked Moss Man Custom”

  1. I really like this custom, and the guy deserves even further kudos simply for scrubbing off all that flocking with a toothbrush!

  2. That looks waaay better- I was actually going to attempt this, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I should try and acquire a Beast Man. I wish matty would solicit a deflocked Mossman next month!

  3. I would have purchased a moss man if he had looked like this, because I’m just not interested in flocking (and am very glad we dodged that bullet with Panthor).

  4. You did a really good job, but I have the same problem I had with the prototype Mattel showed when they were asking whether it should be flocked or not: without the moss, the figure just doesn’t look plant-like to me. I think that’s a problem with the “Classics” mindset…it would’ve been awesome if the four horsemen could have sculpted a brand-new figure with details that actually make him look like a humanoid plant creature(similar to the Marvel Legends Man-Thing, for example), but they’re basically forced to make a fuzzy green version of Beastman because that’s how it was done in the 80s.

    Again, not knocking the custom, that’s probably the best that the Beastman sculpt could look without the fuzz, and much better than the brighter green one Mattel showed.

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