Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor Quick Pics


Another Transformer? Yeah, I picked up most of the latest G1 characters. I couldn’t resist. Even if Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor here, doesn’t transform into a microscope! That’s probably my biggest gripe with this figure. The research truck does make sense, but I’ve got love for that microscope mode!

Anyways, I do like his ‘bot mode as it closely resembles his cartoon look. He’ll be in robot mode most of the time anyway in my display!

Onto the Quick Pics!




Even with the instructions I found his transformation pretty complicated the 1st time around.


The back treads don’t move, they only have tiny wheels underneath.


His chest plate opens up so you can “reveal” his shield, or maybe just to scratch an itch on his chest.

That’s it for now! Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed the pics!


One thought on “Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor Quick Pics”

  1. So they went with a research truck over a microscope. That’s fine, as long as they hurry up and decide what to make out of a modern Soundwave!

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