Transformers Reveal the Shield Windcharger

Canonball is back with another guest review. This time around he’s got his hands on a Transformers Windcharger – one that may not see a broad release in the US. He was last here with a review of Titanium Man from Iron Man Legends. Check out his blog at Canonball’s Run.

Wind Action.jpg

With the “Reveal the Shield” line winding down, there is a lot of speculation regarding the possibility of a few key figures not seeing a US brick and mortar retail release. Chief among them is the scout-class Windcharger – I was able to get my hands on one thanks to some help from a UK-based Fwoosher. Windcharger is a member of the original Ark crew, making him an essential G1 character, the likes of which many fans go nuts for. Despite being one of the original Transformers characters released in 1984, Windcharger hasn’t seen many releases since his debut in 1984, so this update is welcome and arguably long overdue.

Wind Card front.jpgWind Card back.jpgWind Front.jpgWind Close.jpg

Windcharger’s bot mode is a fantastic update to the original design. The body is a tad generic, which will no doubt allow for reuse down the line, but it works for the character when coupled with the fantastic head sculpt. The head is unmistakeably Windcharger, which is great to see. While the body is not 100% true to the original figure, it works here.

Wind Car Front.jpgWind Car Back.jpg

There is no mistaking the figure’s alt mode for anything but Windcharger. It’s about as close as one could get when updating a classic figure. It’s sleek and subtle and just about perfect.

Wind Group.jpgWind Breach.jpg

Hopefully US stores will eventually be able to add this figure to their pegs to satisfy the ever-building demand of the fans – because this is a figure every G1 or Classics fans should own.

3 thoughts on “Transformers Reveal the Shield Windcharger”

  1. That is a sweet figure! We haven’t yet had a proper update to Windcharger in the modern style. But no U.S. release? I’m just hoping that he makes it to a discount store or that Hasbro releases the wave through some manner other than retail. Generations/Reveal The Shield was my favorite TF line at the moment. If it dies, that’s it for my new Transformers collecting for now.

  2. Why can’t all the Bay movies Transformers toys look this nice in robot mode as well as in vehicle mode. With the exception of the Optimus Prime figures, the majority of those figures have ugly looking robot modes. Some instead of looking like robots, they look like aliens. Why did Hasbro allowed that to happen and still continues to make these ugly movies Transformers toys. The toys from Reveal The Shield and Generations should have been from those awful movies.

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