Masters of the Universe Classics Battleground Teela Packaged Pics

Battleground Teela will be available in June – even though she’s designated the quarterly A-list variant, I’m looking forward to her more than I do the Faceless One. Mattel took her bio in an unexpected direction – this is Teela after she’s learned she’s the Sorceress’s daughter (and by cloning, really?) and become the new guardian of Castle Grayskull. I always thought she’d make a better companion to Vikor, and will put her next to him in my Preternia display.

We just got in a final packaged sample! Enjoy. Battleground Teela goes on sale June 15th (along with the monthly figure Faceless One!) only on She is included in the 2011 Club Eternia subscription as the 2nd quarter A-List variant figure but will also be available to purchase for non subscribers.


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