GLYOS-PLOSION! – Onell Designs’ Glyos System

Recently I have acquired a few additions to my Glyos collection, and a random assortment at that. So in commemoration, I give you a random explosion of pics of toys from this amazing project! You can find an archive of past releases, and buy the current releases at Onell Designs’ site.

3 thoughts on “GLYOS-PLOSION! – Onell Designs’ Glyos System”

  1. I forgot to mention, a few of these figures are customs, like the red dyed Gobon, and the eyeball from Optikk being used with Glyos figures, as well as the MainBrain custom head from TheGodBeast, and the 4H Outer Space Men pieces.

  2. they are about 3 inches tall, depending how you bulk them up with other pieces. You can make things as large as you want, but stock, they are 3-4 inches.

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